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An all-Italian Frida Brand and Third Party Nail Polish Production.

Gel, Acrigel the result of years of research and international experience.

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Why enter the Frida world?

"We are like you
and produce glazes."

In the Frida world, one of the brands conceived by Cosmetica Professionale Ltd. you will find products designed especially for professionals working in the nail industry. Therefore, they are ideal products if you are looking for something easy to use, customer-pleasing, strictly Made in Italy, but counter to the "I sell to everyone" philosophy. Among the nail gel manufacturing companies, we have the experience of those who have worked in the field.

We are not interested in selling the great masses quintals of products made who knows where, passed off as European products, which cost little but are of very low quality.

We partner with those who believe in the ethics of service to their customers, have a passion for this profession, want quality products, and want to work with those who protect their professionalism and image. That's why we founded the division Contract Nail Polish Production: To give you the opportunity to grow together by following an ethical, win-win philosophy.

The innovative line of nails products we have designed, thanks to a strictly quality and Made in Italy production combines the highest quality of products, knowledge of the needs of the market and the various Italian areas, the needs

of the professionals, the saving of time to carry out the processing, and two options: buying a now well-known brand: FRIDA or providing a product in your name, with YOUR BRAND.

We deeply believe in Made in Italy and the innovation that has always distinguished our products. No Chinese products bottled in Poland but everything strictly thought out and made in Italy.

Frida Semipermanent Nail Polish for example is a product with extraordinary shine, excellent pigmentation and exceptional durability. Easy to spread thanks to its fluid and soft composition, also ideal for problem nails and uneven surfaces. Innovative production in line with beauty and personal care.

Frida Lines, Frida Free and all white label production include products such as: Reconstruction Gel, Acrigel, Long Lasting Nail Polish. An ideal choice for those who want to sell a well-known and popular product such as Frida or for those who want to create a custom gel nail line through Contract Nail Polish Production.

Call us for Third Party Nail Polish Manufacturing

We listen to our customers' needs and offer a high quality product, made in Italy in the best Italian laboratories.

Our goal is to "Be on the side of the Professionals," who are able to understand what a quality product is, but at a really low price, and at the same time we are not trying to "sell to our clients' clients."

Ensuring that we are on your side is important to us because FRIDA® is designed for female professionals. The concept of all things to all people does not interest us.

Production is designed for people like you who work. We provide Accessories, Gels, Nail Polishes Third Party, designed to also follow you through all the decision-making and implementation phases of your custom brand . Lots of services to help you create your own absolutely customized line with your brand.

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Training Courses for Nail Technicians

Among the many services we provide to our professional nail clients are many training courses. Some online and some in-person.

Nail technician training courses are designed to teach students all the techniques and skills needed to become nail technicians. There are several training programs available, which can last from a few weeks to several months.

Courses usually include theoretical and practical classes, and teach how to perform manicures, pedicures, gel and semipermanent nail polish application, reconstruction of damaged nails, and more.

Nail technician training offers a number of advantages for those seeking to enter this field. First, vocational training can make you stand out from other job seekers.

In addition, this type of training can lead to more job opportunities as more people are becoming aware of the importance of proper nail care.

Nail technician training can be an ideal option for those who want to start their own business in nail aesthetics. Among the courses we highlight in particular: the

Armocromy Courses

and all the training for Beauticians and Nail Technicians that you can find in our
School of Nail Reconstruction.

Why are we on your side?

Selecting the right ingredients and Italian suppliers. We can then sell you the various Frida-branded products, dedicated to the world of professional women, that we do not want to sell directly to your clients

This means we can provide you with a product with your Brand! You provide us with your mood, your logo, color charts and whatever you want to create with your style, your soul, your heart

We study together your own color line (summer and winter), decide together a custom label safeguarding your work, help you create your Brand and go to market

We can support you, give you training, teach you how to sell your products, create your site, and provide you with all our experience in the world of traditional sales and online sales.

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