Advertising Material for Frida Stores

Advertising Material for Shops

Furnish your Center with Frida Partners advertising materials.

Frida Cosmetics takes care of you and your center all-around:

  • In addition to the year-round discount you will receive on the Frida line once you purchase one of our packages:
    start, premium or gold t
    we will provide you with all advertising materials, nails and furniture for your center. For purchases you can call us or go directly to our Online Shop at

    Beautician Shop.

1. Posters included in publicity materials

poster frida Advertising Material

2. Displays included in the publicity materials

Exclusive displays for Beauty Centers, Spas, Hairdressing stores.

45×52 cm format
Can hold up to 39 bottles of nail polish
Module can be assembled into 3 or 4 components
To obtain a floor display.
Ability to hang it on the wall.

35×25 cm format
Can hold up to 15 to 20 bottles of nail polish

espositori frida Advertising Material

3. Rollups included in advertising materials

Rewindable and resealable advertising banners.
80×200 cm format
Available in various graphic versions.

rollup frida Advertising Material

4. Table signs
and Brochures

Signs for your center’s storefront or counter, equipped with a resealable pedestal.
29.7 x 42 cm format.


4 Brochures on the main Frida lines:
Semi-permanent nail polish
Vertigo Line
Reconstruction Gel Line
AcriGel Line
15 x 15 cm format

materiale pubblicitario negozi Advertising Material

Material with your Brand

For customers who wish to brand products with their own branding, we print customized Advertising Material for Stores.

Any customer who secures the Trusted Third Party formula can ask us for Posters, Displays, Roll UPs, with their own brand. We take care of both the graphic design and the physical product.

In this way your store will be branded not only in terms of furniture but also in terms of each product.

produzione smalti per unghie conto terzi Advertising Material

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