Builder Gel Reconstruction Tutorial

Builder Gel: the 5-minute tutorial


It is a new monophasic Builder Gel, created for Refill, Bombing and Lengthening.

Very easy to spread thanks to its innovative, self-leveling composition and convenient brush packaging. Ultra Resistant, elastic and flexible composition, but at the same time easily stapled.

It adapts to all nail types and the gait of the nail plate.

It does not require Base Gel because the monophasic is a 3-in-1 gel. So you can save a lot of time when you apply it. You will still get a great result. Learn how to apply it very easily and quickly with our video Tutorial.

Builder Gel: How to Apply


In this tutorial made by Frida Cosmetics you will learn very easily how to apply for Nail Reconstruction the Builder Gel, which as the name suggests is used to rebuild. Made with new updated formulas, it is able to achieve great results in a third of the time than before by being a 3-in-1 Gel. Start the video tutorial by clicking below.

Builder Gel Reconstruction

Here is the process

And after showing you the video, we explain step by step how to use the Reconstruction Gel Builder. Proceedings

  • Prepare the nail: mattify the surface with the Buffer File and finally degrease with the Cleanser.
  • Apply Acid Primer art. 2005.
  • Place the Nail Form to the nail.
  • Spread a thin layer of Hard Builder Refill over the entire ugnhia and cure 30 sec. in 48 W LED/UV Lamp.
  • Proceed by creating the extension on the free edge of the nail and re-cure 30 sec. in 48 W LED/UV Lamp.
  • Remove Nail Form.
  • Make the Bombing and cure 60 seconds in 48 W LED/UV Lamp.
  • Degrease and shape the nail shape with 100/180 grit file.
  • Mattify, remove dust residue and degrease again with Cleanser.
  • Apply colored Semipermanent Nail Polish and cure 30 seconds in 48 W LED/UV Lamp.
  • Finish by applying a coat of Diamond Gloss final polish. Finally, degrease with Cleanser to remove dispersion.

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Frida: Builder Gel and More

Frida Cosmetics is an Italian company that manufactures in Italy and sells exclusively to Beauty Centers, Beauticians, Nail Professionals.

Our goal is to provide quality products, such as Builder Gel, made exclusively in Italy. Beauticians who purchase our products prefer good quality, durability and lots of services over a choice based solely on price.

In fact, our Customer Care service is one of our pillars in addition to the quality of raw materials and Italian-ness, which many manufacturers have forgotten by preferring cheaper but poorer quality products.

We produce under the Frida Brand and Frida Free, but we also have a Third Party Production service to provide our customers with the possibility of branding with their own logos on packaging and wrapping even for a very small number of pieces per product type.

Call toll-free or write to us for information, purchases, or to set up a line of your own. We have three different types of partnerships: Distributors, Large Quantities, Small Quantities.

We provide you with a toll-free number so that you can contact us free of charge either if you want information because you do not know us, or if you have already purchased and need to contact us. We are available to you during normal business hours. Otherwise you can also use our whatsapp number: + 39 392 9214343 during out-of-office hours or on weekends.

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