Gel Reconstruction Course

Basic Level Course

Basic Gel Reconstruction Course Summary

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    The Gel Reconstruction Course will be held at the headquarters of Estetista Shop | Viale Umago – 47921 RIMINI


    + 39 392 9214343


    A Semipermanent Nail Polish Application Kit is included with the purchase of the Gel Reconstruction Course.

    – The Course will be taught by a specialized technician.

    – DURATION : 2 days
    – HOURS: 9:30 A.M. – 1 P.M. / 2 P.M. – 5 P.M.

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    Gel Reconstruction Course

    aims to train the participant to acquire a professional method of Nail Reconstruction with Gel, through the Monophasic Method and the Triphasic Method (with builder). Practical-technical sessions on product application and processing will be conducted during the day.


    This is a Basic Level Course so it is open to everyone and it is not necessary to have taken other courses. However, it is also possible to purchase the other courses, always at the basic level and always organized by Frida Cosmetics

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    Signed by a specialized Technique Frida Cosmetics.


    A Starter Product Kit will be issued to the Corsican along with the Course.


    Materials with all the explanations and tutorials on the GEL RECONSTRUCTION COURSE will be released.

    Course Program and Materials


    – Knowing the anatomy of the nail
    – Achieve perfect application of tip and nail form
    – Create perfect structure and curvature C
    – Making a Perfect French Manicure
    – Making “Under Glass” work by setting
    – Rimozine and Refill


    – 1 Acid Primer (adhesion promoter)
    – 1 Gel Base (protective pbase that dries in a lamp)
    – 1 Monophasic Gel of your choice
    – 1 Triphasic gel of your choice
    – 1 Diamond Gloss final polish
    – 1 Gray File 100/180
    – 1 Buffer file
    – 1 Cleanser Degreaser 150ml

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    Nail Courses

    Frida Academy, the training school for Nail Technicians designed by Frida Cosmetics has a threefold goal:

    1. Provide technical knowledge to teach how-to activities: for example, how to rebuild a nail, how to use semi-permanent nail polish, how to use Acrigel, and so on.
    2. Provide knowledge related to nail anatomy, such as what is the nail body or nail matrix,

      perionychium, eponychium, hyponychium, etc.

    3. Material-related knowledge: such as what an acrygel looks like, what the characteristics of a semi-permanent nail polish are, what the difference is between semi-permanent and traditional nail polish, and so on.

    Technical courses, such as the Gel Reconstruction Course are held “in-person.”

    Sales and Marketing Courses

    Starting this year, the training school has added two new disciplines to develop the marketing and business side of the Frida Cosmetics affiliated beauty center. The courses are of two types and are held online:

    1. Sales training course
      in which topics related to sales techniques, persuasion, customer understanding, advanced communication, mental programs and neuro-linguistic programming basics i.e., practical methodologies for enrare in rapport (rapport) with customers, suppliers, employees, co-workers, etc. are covered.

    2. Marketing and Web Marketing course through which to learn how Marketing, Search Engines, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising and business digitization work.
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    Frida Cosmetics is a brand of Cosmetica Professionale srl a company specializing in the supply of professional products and sale of services to Beauty Centers, Beauticians, Nail Technicians, Professionals.

    We exclusively sell Frida, Vertigo, etc. brand products to professionals and are

    contract manufacturers.

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