Hard Builder Refill

The New 3-in-1 Monophasic Gel

What is Refill

Refill is “Retouching,” an activity that is used not so much to rebuild the nail as to fill in an area of the nail that has not been rebuilt. The word Refill is derived, as is easy to guess from English.

The Hard Builder Refill is a 3-in-1 product created specifically for Refilling, Lengthening and Bombing.

hard builder refill frida Hard Builder Refill

Advantages of Hard Builder Refill

Reduced processing time.
Thanks to its innovative composition, it is much easier to spread. Time is saved in application and filing.

Fits all nail types
And to the gait of the nail plate.

Ultra durable, even on minimal thicknesses.

Self-leveling, Elastic and Flexible Composition.

Easily Stapled.

Great for French and Baby Boomers

Available in 2 shades

hard builder refill nuance Hard Builder Refill

Video Tutorials and Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Apply Refill

Easy instructions for applying Hard Builder Refill:

  1. Prepare the nail, mattify with the buffer file and degrease with the Cleanser.

  2. Apply Acid Primer (art. 2005) and let it evaporate in the air 30 sec.

  3. Place the Nail Form on the free edge of the nail, and with a brush spread a thin nail polish layer of Hard Builder Refill, cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec.

  4. It then makes the elongation and Polymerizes in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 60 sec.

  5. Remove the Nail Form, Proceed by making the doming at the stress point of the nail, distributing the product in the nail bed until an even doming is achieved.

  6. Polymerizes in 48 W LED/UV lamp 60 sec.

  7. Degreaser

  8. Proceed with Filing (180 grit) for sides, length and Shape. Mattify, remove dust residue, and degrease again.

  9. Applies the Colored Semipermanent Nail Polish.

  10. Polymerizes in 48W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec.

  11. Apply a second coat and cure again.

  12. Seal with Diamond Gloss and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 60 sec.

  13. Finally Degrease to remove the dispersion.

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