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How to Apply Semipermanent


Tutorial for applying semipermanent
    applicazione semipermanente corso frida how to apply semipermanent

    Frida the nail polish made in Italy

    How to apply semipermanent? Here is our simple and short tutorial to learn how to apply it in 9 moves.

    Frida Semipermanent Nail Polish is quick and easy to apply thanks to its unique pigmented, self-leveling texture. If well applied it lasts at least 3 weeks without ever chipping or becoming dull. Let’s see how to apply semipermanent: an extraordinary product.

    How to apply Semipermanent

    Here are all the steps to put on semipermanent nail polish easily. To quickly learn how to apply semipermanent follow this “quick recipe.”

    1 Mattify the nail with a buffer file (mattifying file) and remove any remaining dust with a small brush.

    2 Clean and degrease the nail with Degreaser Cleanser (code 2020-2021), a product that removes the oily coating on the nail.

    3 Apply Primer (code 2003), a nonacidic adhesion promoter, and air dry for 30 sec.

    4 Apply one coat of Base Protection (code 2001) or Base Build (code 2002), and cure in 20-watt LED Lamp 30 sec. or 36-watt UV Lamp 180 sec. (Do not degrease).

    5 Base Protection is a base coat designed to protect the natural nail (creates a protective layer between the nail and the semipermanent nail polish), prevents staining and facilitates removal.

    6 Base Build is an innovative, denser, self-leveling base coat that corrects nail surface defects.

    7 After the base, apply Frida Semipermanent of the chosen color and cure in 20-watt LED Lamp 15 sec. or in 36-watt UV Lamp 180 sec. (Do not degrease).

    8 Apply Top Coat (final sealant) code 2004 and cure in 20-watt LED Lamp 30 sec. or in 36-watt UV Lamp 180 sec.

    9 Finally Remove the dispersion with Clenaser Degreaser, (code 2020-2021) will leave nails shiny and glossy for weeks.

    Want to learn more about how to apply semipermanent and want to learn other techniques as well?

    You can find more information here:

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    What is a Semipermanent Nail Polish

    Now that you understand how to apply semipermanent let’s delve into other aspects.

    A semi-permanent nail polish is a new generation compound, compared to classic nail polish, that dries or “hardens” through the use of a UV or LED lamp.

    After the glaze is applied, then, the hand is placed in a specially built “kiln” or lamp to cure the glaze. The glaze then dries, hardens, and remains “generally” good-looking for up to three weeks. So in regard to semipermanent nail polish how to apply it is important but knowing what it is is also crucial.

    What is the difference between semipermanent nail polish and gel?

    There is a difference between GEL, or

    gel reconstruction

    and Semipermanent Nail Polish in that while nail polish is generally used for any type of nail, Gel / Reconstruction Gel is used for nails that need to be “rebuilt” as they are very damaged.

    Gel reconstruction is used, for example, in the case of onychofacia (or other problems) and when one needs a “structure” that can replace the damaged or eaten nail in some way. It is also used when the nails have, by their nature, an odd shape, are curved, irregular, disproportionate.

    How long does semi-permanent nail polish last?

    Compared to traditional nail polish, which many classic nail polish anyway, semi-permanent
    lasts up to three weeks
    . It obviously depends on many factors: nail type, activity or profession, nail length, etc.

    Nail chipping obviously depends on each person’s care of their hands and nails, outside temperatures, use of gloves, etc.

    Now you are able to know:

    • How to apply semipermanent
    • What is a semi-permanent nail polish
    • What is the difference between nail polish and gel
    • How long does the nail polish last

    Well let’s watch the video!

    Semipermanent Nail Polish Colors Wow

    How to remove Semipermanent

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    The semipermanent made in Italy

    Now that you know how to apply semi-permanent nail polish without smudging, it is also important to know that there are many formulas for making a nail polish.

    Frida has chosen a formulation with density, pigmentation and characteristics suitable for a professional clientele. The product is made strictly in Italy and is superior to many formulations found on the market even at a very low price.

    Frida manufactures in-house and markets through Cosmetica Professionale Ltd. various lines to customers of various types:

    • For small purchases, made once in a while, you can use the Estetista Shop site where you can buy products such as the

      Semi-permanent kit

    • for larger purchases you can choose one of the collaboration formulas “

      Frida World

      ” with the Start Premium and Gold packages. Contact us to receive Price Lists

    • If you are a distributor or wish to receive the “NO Logo” product that you can label with your Brand, ask about the formula reserved for “Distributors”
    • If you are a beautician or represent a beauty center and would like to create your own custom nail polish line, call or write and ask about the “Your Logo” formula.

    Thank you for following our tips on“How to apply semipermanent.”

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