Manufacturers of Nail Polishes

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We Produce Quality Enamels

We are simply nail polish manufacturers. We do this in two ways: with your brand or our own.

Frida Cosmetics was created with the intention of providing the Professional Quality Enamels Gel, Acrigel Strictly Made in Italy.

Third Party and Frida Brand Nail Polish Production are the result of years of research in the field and experience in selling to professional users.

Therefore, as nail polish manufacturers, we came up with two possible ways to collaborate together.


Manufacturers of Nail Polishes

    Manufacturers of Frida Brand Nail Polishes, Frida Free, Vertigo

    We produce in Italy and spread our Frida brand. We provide professionals with all the support and products needed to create a Frida corner, with nail polishes, gels, accessories, roll ups, branded and ready to be used or sold to clients.

    The experience we have gained in production and direct sales has enabled us to acquire know-how and skills to be able to understand the eisgencies of the professional. Therefore, we decided to engage in contract manufacturing.
    For more information go to the contact page.

    Third Party Nail Polish Manufacturers with your Logo

    Nail polish manufacturersWe are not just nail polish manufacturers, but we help you create YOUR BRAND.: with a service to support communication, marketing and sales specializing in the problems of Beauty Centers, Beauticians, Professionals who wish to have their own branded product.

    In this case, we are also able to train you through Third Party Nail Polish Production.

    In the world of Frida, a brand of Cosmetica Professionale srl, you will find products designed specifically for those who work in the nail industry, and are looking for a easy-to-use product but against the grain of the “I sell to everyone” philosophy. We partner with those who have a passion for this craft, want quality products, want to work with those who protect their professionalism and also seek gel nail production or a contract nail polish production.

    The innovative nails product line, combines elegance with the highest quality of products, market knowledge, and the needs of female professionals. We deeply believe in Made in Italy and the innovation that has always distinguished our products.

    No Chinese products bottled in Poland but everything strictly thought out and made in Italy.

    Frida Semipermanent Nail Polish is a product with extraordinary shine, excellent pigmentation, and exceptional durability. Easy to apply thanks to its fluid and soft composition, ideal even for problem nails and uneven surfaces, an innovative product in line with beauty and personal care.

    The Frida Line includes products such as:

    Reconstruction Gel, Acrigel, Long Lasting Nail Polish, ideal for those who want to sell Frida or for those who want to sell their own brand through Third Party Nail Polish Production. If you want to see all our production or try our products you can use the site
    Beautician Shop
    , dedicated to female professionals

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    Are you a nail professional?

    Looking for a partner or supplier?
    We prefer to be considered not just simple nail polish manufacturers but and especially partners. In fact, we defend the interests of our clients, without going directly to the market, as most of our colleagues do, and provide quality and service.

    Entering our world is easy, and there are only two ways to collaborate:

    1) resell the Frida brand reserved for female professionals or
    2) Choose a Production of a Custom Nail Gel Line.

    A Production designed especially for you of Accessories, Gels, Nail Polishes Third Party designed to follow you in all phases of decision-making and implementation of your custom brand . Lots of services to help you create your own line absolutely customized with your brand (and anonymous to others).

    We listen to our customers’ needs and offer a high quality product, made in Italy in the best Italian laboratories. Our goal is to “Be on the side of the Professionals,” who are able to understand what a quality but really affordable product is, and at the same time we are not trying to “sell to our clients’ clients.”
    That is why we are on your side.


    1) We can sell you the various Frida brand products, which are dedicated to the world of professional women and which we do not sell directly to your clients;

    2) We can Produce Third Party Nail Polishes
    and that means we can provide you with a product with your Brand!

    WE PROVIDE all the consulting before producing it, we study together a color line of yours (summer and winter), we decide together a personalized label safeguarding your work, we help you create your Brand and go to market with your Personality.

    We can provide you with sales and marketing advice, support you, train you, teach you how to sell your products, create your website, and provide you with all our experience in the world of traditional sales and online sales.

    5 reasons to choose us as your producer

    1 we know the market very well as we have worked on your side and are very familiar with the day-to-day issues. We know what your clients think, and we know very well what a professional needs.

    2 We also produce enamel in small quantities and color. We have three types of supply of 25, 50, 110 colors as well as bases, primers, tops, removers, cleansers, disinfectants in very small quantities

    3 we adapt to customers’ needs therefore we are also able to meet special requests. We will evaluate production needs and timing together

    4 We are Italian manufacturers producing enamels in Italy. No tours from foreign countries, no fake Italian production, only high quality for nail professionals who care about their image and want a good product

    5 turnkey service including, if required, also communication, marketing, consulting and coaching to increase sales. We take care of both producing, labeling or even designing your brand, your communication, your site your advertising. Upon request, the only complete production and marketing service in Italy.

    Insights and Contacts

    FOR MORE INFORMATION call the direct number Cell. + 39 392 9214343 or visit the page dedicated to the
    Frida Partners

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