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Frida Cosmetics

T ut we all want to sell-but there is a way and a way.

Our “Mission and Vision Aesthetic Center” Frida Partner is made up of timeless values and Italian-ness.

We believe in a world where people matter more than things, where innovation is not just the use of computers, but of our minds and energy, where partner really means partner. 

We believe that innovating is not per foza using technology but using our heads in what we do, to do it better, more effectively and with less effort.

Frida Cosmetics is designed for beauticians and onychotenists, for those who do this work professionally, want to use Italian and not Chinese products, and aim for quality in what they do and the products they use.

  • Mission “To be the Most Innovative Italian Enamel Manufacturing Company”
  • Vision “Having an Ethical and Win Win Relationship with Our Clients ”


Paint your own style! Be yourself even if you use our products. Grow, become better, never stop, express your creativity, create your professional work!

Thanks to Frida’s assistance, you can start or improve your nail art career, with in-depth insights into all topics of the nail-art world, gel nail reconstruction, decorative applications and customized looks, using safe products in line with European regulations. You can learn marketing, communication and sales.

We want Partners to live and work better. You are important to us and so are your clients
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Innovation is a way of seeing the world is not only related to technology.

Our mission is to provide the professional with a total quality course, using the most innovative methods of semipermanent nail polish application and nail art, with optimization of application time and guaranteed product durability.

Frida Cosmetics training, thanks to our research and constant study of products, helps the professional stand out by personalizing her style.

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Mission and Vision Frida Partner Beauty Center

Mission and Vision Frida Beauty Center Partner?
We would like that, with their clients, our partners are a little like us: with the desire to learn something new every day, with the tenacity of those who know their value, with respect for people because it is not true that business is business.

With the courage to say sorry I was wrong but I’ll fix it right away, with the desire to thank the universe every day for what it gives us. Because there are priorities in life such as being well and having fun even when working.

Why choose us? Because we are as we wrote and because we can be useful to you in two ways:

  1. Providing you with Frida Brand products or
  2. Branding the Products we make with Your Logo.
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Because even a simple bottle of nail polish can create value and have meaning. You can use our brand to bring value to your work or our expertise to create a line of your own. Call us for more details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call the direct number Cell. +39 392 9214343 or go to the page
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