Nail Training

Courses for nail technicians

Nail Training

Frida’s professional nails training offers an extensive program, of courses for nail technicians “nail training” designed both for those who are just starting out in this world and for those who want to improve and learn new techniques.

Our Frida Academy employs faculty who are trained and experienced in the field, up-to-date on the latest trends and trends with extraordinary knowledge of the Frida line of products.
The nail training courses we offer are divided into different types and on several levels, all taught by Frida Cosmetics specialized teachers. An official Frida Cosmetics certificate will be issued upon completion of the courses.
Practical/technical sessions will be conducted during the day together with the lecturer
specialist who will guide the student through each step.
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"Nail Training"

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Semi-permanent nail polish courses

Basic Level Focused on the correct use and procedure of product application and removal. Delving into product features and peculiarities
Advanced level which focuses more on developing nail art techniques performed with semipermanent. Ideal for those who are already trained in the proper use of the product but aspire to create more complex painting techniques.
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Nail Reconstruction Courses

Level 1 All the techniques and correct steps to perform professional gel reconstruction will be reviewed and explored.

Reconstruction of the natural nail with cartina and gel, reconstruction with tip, in-depth monophasic method and triphasic method.

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Nail Art Courses

Level 1 This course is designed specifically for those who aspire to acquire techniques for making professional nail decorations and nail art. Freehand drawing technique with semipermanent nail polish acrylic colors will be addressed.2nd Level

Importance of Courses

Training Nails but not only

Learning means adding new knowledge to prior knowledge. Vocational or adult-oriented training courses are the most difficult to do, because compared to younger people, we are dealing with “minds” that have already accumulated not only theoretical and practical experience, but mostly “manipulation and conditioning.”

If we say, in fact, any word like “formation” and “nails,” our brain loads all the information or mental programs we associate with the concept of Nail Formation.

The two programs can be processed in various ways: positive and negative, one term can be positive and the other negative, both positive or both negative.

It depends on the experiences. Imagine having (or having had) a mom who is a devotee of manicured nails or an onychophagic mom. Imagine you took a training course in which you were either very bad or very good.

Now put all this information together and you will easily understand that “nail formation” depends on multiple factors. During our courses you will find trained staff who do this job with love and passion. Teachers who will try not only to teach you the techniques but also our philosophy: the customer is important. In fact, it is only because of our customers that our activities go wrong or go right.

Clients first then but also training, study, passion and love for an art, because “doing nails is.”

We teach and are part of an ancient tradition that goes back more than 5,000 years. Mesopotamia, Egypt, China used nails and nail polish to determine social status. Cleopatra used crimson red, Nefertiti ruby red. In Egypt henna was used to derive colors for nail polishes, in China acacia sap or beeswax mixed with vegetable dyes.

The inventors of Nail Art however were the Incas, the first to decorate nails, not just color them. It is said that early Nail Art depicted Eagles as symbols of power and strength. From this year we also carry out marketine courses in addition to technical courses,

courses on sales and persuasion