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Frida Academy

The most free nail design school ... in Italy

The academy is a Nail Reconstruction School desired by Frida Cosmetics in which to learn or learn more about the most up-to-date techniques for nail beauty and health.

It offers different types of courses and programs, designed for those who are just starting out in this world, but also for those who are already experts in the field and want to improve themselves by updating and learning new techniques.

Our Nail Reconstruction School employs faculty who are trained and experienced in the field, up-to-date on the latest trends and trends with extraordinary knowledge of Frida’s line of products. If you want to learn more about them or buy them come to

Beautician Shop.

The Courses we offer in the nail school are divided into different types and on different levels. An official Frida Cosmetics certificate will be issued upon completion of the courses.

During the day, practical/technical sessions will be conducted together with the specialist teacher who will guide the student through each step.

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Nail Technician Training

Basic techniques, advanced techniques, upgrades

Frida Academy is a Nail Reconstruction and Training School designed specifically for:

  1. those who decide to become nail technicians and want to devote themselves to the health and beauty of nails, technical knowledge for nail enhancement, health and beauty;
  2. those who already know the techniques and want to learn more about topics such as nail arts, nail art, nail care and health , business development el beauty center and many other dedicated courses


Online or in person

The Nail Reconstruction School is designed both for those who prefer in-person training and for those who cannot travel, do not want to or choose to participate online.

The training courses are designed to provide learners with knowledge on:

  • techniques for nail washing and Nail Reconstruction
  • in-depth techniques for Onychologists.
  • sales and promotion techniques
  • off-line marketing techniques
  • web marketing and social mediamarketing techniques
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Frida Accademy is the Nail Reconstruction and Training School for nail technicians who are novices or who wish to deepen their knowledge of techniques for healthy and beautiful nails. It was born with the intention of spreading a simple clear and winning philosophy: the customer is most important. If we want to provide optimal service, we must really know what we are doing. It is not only about art, but also about health. Knowing when you can treat a nail and when you cannot is critical. Knowing techniques to improve beauty and health is the most important knowledge. We do not paint nails but promote health and beauty. This you will learn in nail school.

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