Polygel or Acrigel

Gel: a Revolutionary Product

Polygel or Acrigel? In this case the name does not matter-they are synonyms.
Created by combining acrylic with Reconstruction Gel.

slide frida pink 16 polygel


It combines the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of Gel.

It contains no monomers and no mixing is required.
Its formulation allows you to work it for as long as you wish.
Dense, but at the same time flexible, elastic and easily moldable.

Two modes of utilization

Polygel or Acrigel can be applied by two different methods.

DUAL FORM: the nail is reconstructed by using a special Tip. The acrigel is inserted inside, shaped with the brush to the desired length. It is placed on the nail, cured and removed.

NAIL FORM: The lengthening is created with the classic Nail Form, the Reconstruction Map that is attached to the edge of the nail.

dual form acrigel polygel
nail form acrigel procedimento polygel

Available in 5 colors

colori acrigel frida polygel
primer acido frida polygel


Adhesion promoter for Gel and Acrigel, provides the product with maximum adhesion and durability for 4 weeks without chipping.

base gel frida polygel


Transparent base for Gel and Acrigel. Protects the natural nail by preventing staining, and facilitates removal.

diamond gloss frida polygel


Final sealant and polish for Acrigel. Gives the nail an ultra-shiny effect for weeks without dulling.

poly liquid ultimate polygel


Appropriate liquid for processing acrigel. Eliminates friction between brush and Gel allowing better processing.

spatola polygel


Dual-tipped tool, one side spatula to pick up product, other side flat-tipped brush to shape it.

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