Semi-permanent nail polish and nail art course

Semipermanent and Nail Art - Basic Level

Semi-permanent nail polish course

Semi-permanent nail polish course summary

Basic Level Course


    The Semi-permanent nail polish and nail art course will be held at the headquarters of Estetista Shop | Viale Umago, 18 – 47921 RIMINI

    toll-free number 800 177.805


    A Semipermanent Nail Polish Application Kit is included with the purchase of the Semipermanent Nail Polish and Nail Art Basic Level Course.

    – The Course will be taught by a specialized technician.

    – DURATION : 1 day
    – HOURS: 9:30 A.M. – 1 P.M. / 2 P.M. – 5 P.M.

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    Signed by a specialized Technique Frida Cosmetics.

    A Starter Product Kit will be issued to the Corsican along with the Course.


    Materials with all explanations and tutorials will be released.

    Course Program and Materials


    – Natural nail preparation.

    – Introduction to Semipermanent Gel Enamel:

    How to Apply and Remove.

    – Application Base Build:

    Semi-permanent nail polish base that rebuilds like a gel

    – Nail Art Techniques with Semipermanent Nail Polish:
    Siren Effect
    French Manicure Effect;
    Shaded effect technique
    Mirror Effect


    – 1 Non-Acid Primer (adhesion promoter)
    – 1 Base Protection
    – 1 Top Coat (final polish)
    – 1 Gray File 100/180
    – 1 Buffer file
    – 1 Cleanser Degreaser 150ml
    – 1 150ml Remover
    + 1 Semi-permanent nail polish of 1 color of your choice

    Corso Smalto Semipermanente semipermanent nail polish course

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    The Basic Level Semipermanent Nail Polish Course aims to train the participant to acquire a professional method of Semipermanent Nail Polish Application and Removal.

    During the day there will be practical-technical sessions on product application/layering and creation of Nail Art such as: baby boomer effect, mirror effect, shell effect, unicorn effect, mermaid effect


    This is a Level 1 Course so it is open to everyone and it is not necessary to have taken other courses.

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    Semi-permanent nail polish and nail art course
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    Nail Training

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    Why do Training?

    Doing training, means being able to take advantage of knowledge already gained from those who have tried to solve a problem long before us. In our work, training is essential as our professional activity is not only artistic but “touches on medical concepts” and mental and physical well-being.

    Indeed, nails and hands tell not only who we are but also how we are, and well being, being well, is crucial today. During our training courses you can then acquire not only techniques but also ways of being.

    Hands and nails “are alive,” and therefore we need to know whether or not we can use certain techniques.
    We need to know whether they are healthy and whether we can push ourselves to certain levels of nail art.

    courses and certificates

    With each course we issue a certificate that demonstrates to your clients your interest, passion and professionalism toward this profession. There are, in our industry, unfortunately still too many people who work without knowing our work thoroughly, who do not follow the rules and who improvise. Indeed, it is not just a matter of “knowing how to make your nails look good,” but you need to know important concepts that let you know how much you can use certain products and when not to.

    During the courses then we will also explain to you what kind of material we use in Frida Brand products. In fact, the materials used impact so much in the final result. For that reason depending on whether there is more or less chemistry then the impression we will have, the method and the result will change. The new “extremely natural” products, for example, are olto more difficult to use than products that use more chemistry. In fact, nature has its own rule, and it is up to us to decide whether and how much to adapt.