smalto semipermanente applicarlo rimuoverlo Semi-permanent nail polish application

Semi-permanent nail polish application


All About Semipermanent

    Choose it, Apply it and Remove it

    In this article we will tackleSemipermanent Nail Polish Application, Removal, Ways to choose it together by recommending the best for your clients.

    Fast application, 3/4 week hold, high professionalism, made in Italy. The qualities you need in a semi-permanent nail polish, the best solution for always having well-groomed hands, but be careful because not all the products you find on the market are professional!

    To help you save time and money, I recommend a serious brand that can not only offer safety and reliability, but also keep you up-to-date with current fashion. In this article we will see how the steps of application and removal, will be quick and easy if you execute them step by step so that you are guaranteed success.

    Semi-permanent nail polish application

    Semi-permanent nail polish pros and cons

    A passion for nails and nail care is at the core of my thinking, and if you, my dear, are reading this article, I’m definitely assuming it is fundamental for you as well. Do you want to achieve flawless manicures and jobs? You are in the right place.

    Proper hand care requires the use of a wide range of the highest quality products designed to ensure you have a trendy end result without neglecting the health of your clients’ nails. Taking care of the beauty of our nails and ourselves, it’s harder said than done!!! That’s why I want to make an effort to explain each point to you, to make your job as a professional nail technician all downhill.

    What is semipermanent nail polish?

    Semi-permanent nail polish is a photo-hardening gel, a longer-lasting polish, compared to traditional air-drying nail polish.

    It dries by holding your client’s nails for a few seconds under a special ultraviolet lamp. Like these ▶️Qui.

    Easy to apply on both natural and reconstructed fingernails and toenails, semi-permanent (professional) nail polish has an ultra-covering, fluid texture that is great to apply and remove without ruining nails; saving you and your clients time.

    As the word says, semi-permanent nail polish, is a middle ground between classic nail polish and permanent nail polish used for gel reconstruction.

    How long does semi-permanent nail polish last?

    A good quality semipermanent gel polish can guarantee you that it will last at least 3 weeks. If you warn your client to protect her hands while they are doing manual labor, (e.g., dyeing hair), you will help her avoid possible chipping or yellowing.

    The use of semipermanent nail polish will allow you perfect and flawless nails, without having to worry about imperfections for a luuong time?!
    Your client will notice, having to remove it, because of the regrowth at the base of the nail–a bit? unsightly!

    Frida semipermanent nail polish

    composizione smalti 4 Semi-permanent nail polish application

    ⭐️ Tataan!!⭐️ Meet the line of Frida Cosmetics’ professional semi-permanent nail polish.

    I wanted to create this brand to keep up with the times, without forgetting about nail care and health! The new frontier of semi-permanent, a Made in Italy product with extraordinary shine. What sets us apart!!! Well in addition to Made in Italy, (which should not be underestimated), Frida semipermanent nail polish is free from the most toxic substances such as :

    • formaldehyde
    • toulene
    • dbp

    The complete absence of these substances will allow you to be able to perform a manicure even on pregnant women, so even on pregnant nails.

    Frida semipermanent nail polish, compared to other products on the market; has excellent pigmentation the color comes from natural pigments!!!
    Anything else? Yes! Exceptional durability, 3 to 4 weeks without ever chipping; easy to spread due to its fluid and soft composition.

    It is also ideal for problem nails, short nails, onychophagic nails and on uneven surfaces due to its self-levelling characteristic.

    An innovative product in line with beauty and personal care ☀️

    Semi-permanent nail polish application

    To best apply semipermanent gel nail polish just perform the step by step steps that I will list below, it may seem like a job for everyone but it takes precision and manual dexterity; that’s why for those who are just starting out, I always recommend a good training course for semipermanent nail polish application (if interested in the course click ➡️Qui).

    It will take some practice in the beginning, but rest assured that it will be a breeze, especially for you ❤️ lover of the nails world.

    How to apply semipermanent without ruining the nails? Here are 7 simple points for you to study step by step.

    Frida semipermanent nail polish application :

    1. Matte the nail with a buffer file and remove any powder residue with a brush
    2. Clean and degrease the nail with Cleanser
    3. Use non-acidic primer and let it evaporate in the air for 30 seconds
    4. apply a layer of Base protection, cure in lamp 30 seconds
    5. Apply semipermanent colored nail polish 2 times, each pass 30 seconds in lamp
    6. applies top coat (final polish) and cures in lamp 60 seconds
    7. finally remove the dispersion, left by the top coat, with the cleanser to leave your nails ultra shiny

    4-step tutorial:

    Step 1) Semi-permanent nail polish application:
    prepares the nail

    Step 2)

    Semipermanent nail polish application:

    put on primer and base coat

    Step 3)

    Semipermanent nail polish application:

    the color

    Step 4)

    Semi-permanent nail polish application

    : apply final polish

    Semi-permanent nail polish removal

    Removing semipermanent nail polish is not difficult, but even if you are simply removing it it should be done very carefully and ? attention.

    Many people think that semi-permanent nail polish hurts the nail, by using it properly and especially by removing it with the right technique your clients will not be at risk.

    4 easy steps for how to remove semipermanent:

    1. with a buffer file remove the layer of gloss that seals the color, it will help the Remover work more effectively on the semipermanent nail polish
    2. Wrap the nails with remo ver wraps, (foil sheets with counterfoils), soaked in semipermanent nail polish remover, and leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes
    3. release one finger at a time, to remove the remaining layer of semipermanent, use the removal tool or wooden skin pusher.
    4. finally with a buffer file go over, gently, the surface of the nails to give uniformity, so that your client’s nails are ready for the next manicure!!!

    Semi-permanent nail polish removal tutorial

    ” I recommend this fantastic and practical Frida kit for removal “

    kit rimozione wraps frida 1 Semi-permanent nail polish application

    click the image to purchase it

    Does semi-permanent nail polish ruin nails?

    There are many theories, depending on the quality of the glaze that is used and how it is applied.
    Quality professional nail polishes are free from the most toxic substances such as toulene, formaldehyde and dbp; and very important that they are Made in Italy, (like Frida), since other countries do not have the same laws as we do for the safety of a cosmetic product.

    It also depends a great deal on how often you apply it, whether your client’s nails are healthy-that is, strong and resilient; or whether they are problem nails that need more attention. For more information click ?Here the article on nail problems.

    Another important factor is how well the semipermanent nail polish is given, or if it is removed badly; whether they are used by inexperienced people or the use of poor products.

    Your dexterity and professionalism, my dear, will really be relevant ?

    Semi-permanent nail polish pros and cons

    Compared with classic nail polish: the advantage is durability, 3/4 weeks compared with 4/5 days for classic nail polish.
    Semipermanent has a brighter effect, making the nail more durable by armoring the nails.

    Compared to gel: it is a less “stressful” treatment for the nail, and it does not give that domed effect that many clients may not like.
    It is easier to remove as opposed to gel, because removing it does not require the use of a cutter.

    Cons: That if it is not applied by experienced nail technicians, it can weaken the nail by thinning the nail plate due to poor application, or if poor quality products are chosen, there is a risk of further damage to the person’s hands.

    The opinions of our customers

    Your feedback your opinions are essential, for me and my staff, because it will enable us to improve the level of our services. Nowadays there are more and more users who choose the company to turn to based on their needs, also based on the reviews left by those who have already gotten to know the company through its work and by testing its products.

    Word of mouth is the best means of advertising, for anyone, even for you with your clients!

    Below you will find a few reviews, true and verifiable, left on the Facebook page of Estetista-Shop, because I like to be able to convey to you the truth of my work ?

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    Where to buy quality semipermanent online?

    Is the nail world literally overrun with mediocre products and products characterized by a disproportionate cost compared to their actual value?; that’s why I really want to have the opportunity to accompany you in choosing the best products for your specific professional needs.

    Keeping in mind the qualities that a good professional nail polish must have, listed above (if you want to learn more click Here).

    Frida’s professional semipermanent nail polish, was created just for female professionals who, like you, focus on quality and care for their clients.

    To purchase and see my online shop, click on

    Frida Semipermanent


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    How much can a manicure with semipermanent nail polish application cost?

    In beauty salons it costs about €20 to €35.
    Obviously, the price varies depending on the quality of the service, the experience of the nail technician/nail-artist, the nail polish that is used, and any decorations that are applied to the client’s hands (e.g., swarosky, micropaint, crystals etc.).

    If in the same session, you also remove the previous semipermanent gel polish, is it usually good taste ? Have it included in the price.


    Remember when it comes to working on the “skin” of other people, we have a duty of care towards those women who trust you and your way of working; they are not just clients who bring you a profit. You too, like me I guess, when you take care of your body you have a desire to go to someone you trust blindly, even though maybe his service comes more than others.

    Well, my dear, I think and hope I have told you everything!?
    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me also by WhatApp phone number ☎️ +39 392 9214343

    Happy Nail from Roberta of FridaCosmetics!