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Semipermanent Nail Polish Production - Summary

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    Semi-permanent nail polish production, made strictly in Italy

    Welcome to Frida Semipermanent Nail Polish Production.

    Are you an esthetician, nail technician or professional and would like to create your own line of Nail Polishes, Uv Gels and accessories?

    We anticipate that Frida Semipermanent Nail Polishes Production is made in Italy, and is not “packaged in Italy,” that it is possible to modify the formulas for pigmentation, fluidity, etc., and that we can not only provide you with our production with your own logo, but also produce exclusively for you. Quite an advantage don’t you think?

    Normally Nail Polish Companies are not able to follow your needs as they are used to producing Nail Polishes and Gels in large productions. Not only that, to understand anything in the midst of their catalogs is truly a feat.

    This is why Cosmetica Professionale Ltd. which manages various brands and collaborates with many of your colleagues has created an enterprise division available not only to larger Beauty Centers but also to those who, regardless of their size, want to create their own Brand

    The idea is to provide you with a consultant, coach, that comes from your world and speaks your language that can give you all the support you need not only to have “a little bottle” with your name on it but and most importantly with the technical and business knowledge to help you develop your brand and branding.

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    Semi-permanent nail polish production with a tutor

    This will give you mentors who can advise you on what color lines to make, how many products to order, how to make labels, how to develop your brochures, and how to present your products to your customers. A way to get your name and brand out there.

    We live in a very competitive and absolutely liquid and fast-paced world. Clients often change and go from one beauty salon to another, from a professional with a facility to those who work in house. Therefore, creating one’s own brand means giving value to one’s work, business and professionalism. Instead of selling products branded by others, you have the opportunity to study and produce your own line.

    Contract Semipermanent Nail Polish and UV Gel Production is the division of Cosmetica Professionale that provides you with an experienced consultant who knows the market and can respond to your eisgencies. In this way you will be able to converse directly with those who know your everyday work and will not only be able to Produce Enamels or Gels with your name.

    We will listen to your needs by creating a “production package” appropriate to your consumption, creating your own line with summer/winter colors with the right accessories and, always upon request, providing appropriate training/coaching on methods of selling products to end customers.

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    Semipermanent Nail Polish Production and Marketing

    Our marketing and web marketing department can support your area sales actions, any pay per click investments, can help you manage your social pages by explaining how the algorithms of Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. work. Or by providing you with a consultant who will work for you on an outsourced basis This means that you can decide whether to manage on your own, with your own staff, or with our staff working alongside you or yours, the promo-advertising actions necessary to develop the sale of products created specifically for you and with your brand.

    Compared to normal Contract Enamel Production Companies, we will provide you with a very personalized service tailored to your needs. Frida is just one of the brands we have created although we have also been manufacturing and selling for years on a contract basis with other brands through the white label system. Not only can we be helpful to you in developing your sales through our experience in
    digital marketing
    and online sales of
    products for beauticians

    Manufacturing Semipermanent Nail Polishes with your Logo

    For those who wish to build their own Custom Line, we provide various types of partnerships:

    • Distributors / Beauticians / Beauty Centers
      who want to sell under their own brand and order quantities as low as 7 kilograms per color, and in this case they can decide on their own formula.
    • Distributors / Beauticians / Beauty Centers who order a quantity of at least 6 pieces per color and in that case they can try and purchase our formula.
    • Distributors / Beauticians / Beauty Centers ordering a minimum of 3 pieces for a minimum of 25, 50 or 110 colors.

    Call us or write to discuss further together.

    Frida Logo Semipermanent Nail Polish Production

    For those who want ready-made semipermanent nail polish production tested and known at the Italian level, we have 3 formulas:

    • Start with minimum order quantity 20 colors
    • Premium with minimum order quantity 20 colors
    • Gold with minimum order quantity 20 colors

      For more details go to the page

      Frida Cosmetics

      For Beauty Centers that instead want to join the network of our partners, it is possible to join a very advantageous formula that you can find on the page

      Franchising Beauty Centers

    Frida Cosmetics
    Strictly Made in Italy

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