The New and Innovative Semipermanent Nail Polish

Vertigo is a product designed for all those clients who wish to change color often but with an eye on the state of the nail.

The Vantggi of Vertigo

The speed of removal is the feature that makes Vertigo a unique and innovative product.

No need for a file to remove the final polish and color faster. Only the solvent is needed.

No preparations with acids are needed, so the nail is not stressed or damaged.

Fluid, Covering and Self-Leveling Composition. A product as close to nail polish as it is to Gel.

vertigo frida vertigo

48 Self-Leveling Nuances

Featuring a Fluid, yet hyperpigmented and Opaque composition. The oval fan brush allows for smoother, faster and more perfect application with just one stroke.

scarica cartella colori vertigo vertigo

Vertigo application products

Also completing the Vertigo line are these products for use along with the nail polishes: a nail preparer, a thick protective clear base coat, and a fluid protective base coat. A polish, a nail prep treatment enriched with kertatin and vitamin A, a degreaser.

prep solution vertigo vertigo


Non-acidic Dehydrating Solution to prepare the nail for Vertigo application. Designed as a file and buffer replacement. Suitable for all nail types.

base duration vertigo vertigo


Protective transparent base coat medium density, creates a dispersion layer that acts as a color clinging agent. Increased duration, but removal occurs in 10 minutes.

base luxury vertigo vertigo


Transparent protective fluid base coat, creates a dispersion layer that acts as a color clinging agent. It facilitates removal, taking only a few minutes.

gloss luxury vertigo vertigo


Extra high-gloss, self-leveling final polish with anti-yellow and anti-scratch filter. Degrease after curing.

spacial one vertigo vertigo


Treatment to prepare the nail without dulling or filing. A product enriched with Keratin and Vitamin E, it degreases and cleanses the natural nail.

quick clean vettigo vertigo


Degreasing solution to remove the dispersion layer (oily patina) that forms after curing Gloss Luxury polish.

Do you want to purchase Vertigo?

Vertigo by Cosmetica Professionale Ltd.

Vertigo is one of the brands of Cosmetica Professionale Ltd. which operates two product lines for beauticians, Frida Cosmetics and Vertigo (premium price line). Due to our experience, we also produce for third parties. We offer Beauty Centers or nail professionals the opportunity to provide for use or sale a nail line with their own brand. We also provide distributors with a NO LOGO line that they can brand themselves.

Vertigo is a demonstration that it is possible to create one or more brands for customer segmentation. Usually, in fact, “every customer” seeks a certain product with certain characteristics, and companies are unlikely to create multiple brands to avoid cannibalizing a line or creating competition. Larger Brands, on the other hand, use these strategies in order to differentiate.

Analyses carried out in the U.S. by the Color Research Institute then provided marketing experts with irrefutable evidence that logos, images, fonts, colors and generally packaging affect the mind of the potential customer much more than the product itself.

In fact, the packaging changes the perception. Our marketing experts are available to follow up with you and develop your own product line. Call us toll-free or write to us. Cosmetica Professionale is the only Italian company in the industry that provides you with not only the product but also the entire strategy for communication, sales, and



Frida Cosmetics, Frida Free and Vertigo are brands designed, produced exclusively in Italy and sold by Cosmetica Professionale srl.

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