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The World of Frida Cosmetics

Innovation among Nail Gel Manufacturing Companies.

About Us: Frida by Cosmetica Professionale Ltd.

Frida is the most innovative among Nail Gel Manufacturers: for the nails product line that combines: unique services, elegance quality and price.

We are Frida Cosmetics, a brand of Cosmetica Professionale, a company that combines in the aesthetic world both top quality products and services such as consulting, training, coacheing for sales, communication, marketing, web marketing, social.

We deeply believe in Made in Italy and the innovation that has always represented our products.

Buying Frida means not only choosing the most innovative of all nail gel companies but and most importantly experiencing quality and service. Because we want to accompany the professional on a quality path with optimization of application time.

The high-level training allows the professional to stand out by customizing her own style.

The line is full of super bright and shiny colors, a range featuring incredible and exclusive colors in step with fashion trends, classic shades, pastels, metallic, pearlescent, lacquered, fluorescent and many more.

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    The Story of Frida the Most Innovative of Nail Gel Manufacturers

    About a decade ago, we launched one of the first ecommerce online that specialized in selling products for female beauticians.

    At that time we were absolutely innovative and had a contract with a very well-known company in the industry. Given its success, the brand owner for whom we were working unilaterally decided to stop supplying us with their product and to internalize the E-Commerce project.

    At this point, given the knowledge of the market, the issues and the whole nails world, the Frida world was created. Among the
    Nail Gel Manufacturers.
    we have always focused on a few fundamentals: Italian production, very active phone service, high quality (but without exaggeration).

    Recently, the corporate group has been changed and more partners have been added to bring other professional skills and services such as marketing, web marketing, communication and sales to serve clients and to develop contract manufacturing. In this way, the Frida customer is guaranteed and will not only have a service to “brand a product” but also to develop their sales and provide first-rate services.

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    4 reasons to choose Frida

    While in the beginning Frida was one of many Nail Gel Manufacturers in the European scene today Frida has distinct connotations and characteristics that differentiate it from other Nail Gel Manufacturers:

    1. services such as training and coaching not only for nails but also for communication, sales, marketing and web marketing of their clients;
    2. high Italian quality after experimenting with international production, Poland, Germany, China, etc., and deciding to focus exclusively on made in Italy;
    3. Own-label products such as Veritgo and Frida and products under the third-party formula i.e. white label;
    4. Frida among the Nail Gel Manufacturing Companies, the most innovative call us for insights and to get to know us better.

    If you would like to try Frida, Frida Free and Vertigo brand products, you can buy them online thanks to the Aesthetician Shop or you can contact us by phone and take advantage of the assisted sales service.

    If you would instead like more information about the Frida Conto Terzi project then you can download the brochure or call us to arrange a specific call or video call.

    We will explain the details and methodology by which we approach projects, timelines, and lines that you can brand with your logo.

    We will give you all the training you want to help you promote your company and sell products with your logos.

    Frida among the Nail Gel Manufacturers, the most innovative.

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