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To create your own line of Gel Nails or not?

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Create your own line

    We help female professionals and beauty salons create their own line, with their own logo by providing not only the product but also marketing advice, sales and coaching. For more information on gel nail production and how to create your own line call or write us.

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    Directly From the Manufacturer but...

    Pwhy create your own line of gel nails? Why not use an already well-known brand like FRIDA?

    Frida Cosmetics is a leading company in Italy in the creation of nail lines such as nail polishes, gels, acrigels, accessories, and in the field of nail design.

    For the past several years, Frida Cosmetics has launched several Professional Lines of Gel Nails Made in Italy for Nail Reconstruction. Primers, Base Gels, Monophases, Builders, French Gels, and Polishes.

    But not only that, we have made a number of products (both organic and non-organic), which we sell exclusively to female professionals and have gained solid experience in Made in Italy production.

    It is precisely because of this experience that we are able to provide active support in creating our own lines. Not only the product but everything needed to make your own exclusive line.

    Going back to talking about Nail Gels, the builders we make are great for shaping and lengthening, created to be applied together with the Gel Base, and the Final Polish.

    They are self-leveling, with anti-yellowing system and have fantastic strength. Some of these are great for extreme Elongations, C-curves and Bombing.

    Monophasics are 3-in-1 gels. Self-leveling, dense and easy to work with, excellent for Elongation, Refill and Bombing. Easy to spread, shape, and equipped with extreme strength. Incredibles for making C-curves.

    The ideal choice for those new to the world of nail design and those who want a high-quality product.

    For more information download our brochure or call us for a no-obligation phone appointment.

    Application products

    gel frida ricostruzione gel nails
    primer acido frida gel nails


    Adhesion promoter for Gel Nails and Acrigel, provides the product with maximum adhesion and durability for 4 weeks without chipping.

    base gel frida gel nails


    Transparent base coat for Gel Nails and Acrigel. Protects the natural nail by preventing staining, and facilitates removal.

    diamond gloss frida gel nails


    Final sealant and polish for Acrigel. Gives the nail an ultra-shiny effect for weeks without dulling.

    top shine frida gel nails


    Long-lasting transparent final sealant with viscous density, anti-yellow filter and glossy effect.

    pro base gel frida gel nails


    Medium-density transparent nail gel base, promoter of adhesion between the natural nail and the Gel Builder.

    ultra white gel french gel nails


    Gel for making French Manicure. Ultra White, chalk white effect. Premium White, creamy white effect.

    Why Choose Us to Create Your Own Gel Line

    We are not the only producers in Italy, so the question that arises is why choose you? Our experience has led us to make some assessments, compared to contract manufacturing, and for that reason we have defined a number of advantages over our competitors.

    Assuming that Frida’s founder has also worked on the other side of the fence, it becomes apparent that she has had to solve a whole range of issues in creating her own brand.

    In fact, the probemes to be solved are not only of a technical nature, perhaps involving chemical formulas, rather than the choice of colors, lines, etc., but also of a bureaucratic, regulatory, marketing, sales, etc. nature.

    Creating one’s own Gel line in Italy is truly an ‘undertaking whose nuances can block any project. For this reason, a dedicated team was created to solve any problems.

    Create your own line of gel nails thanks to a team

    To solve all kinds of difficulties in realizing your production here is how we have divided the team:

    • definition and production of your own line, you have a consultant who “knows your world and speaks your language” who can follow you step by step;
    • graphics, communication, etc., you have a coach who can help you in defining the promo advertising materials to be displayed in your store or in the spaces where you host your clientele;
    • marketing and sales, you have an experienced marketing and web marketing trainer who can not only train you and your staff but also explain to you what are the dynamics related to aspects we usually overlook.

    We know what the difficulties are in creating our own gel line, which is why we are more effective, faster and cheaper than our competitors. Call us for a no-obligation mutual call or try us first.

    Do you want to try our products first and purchase the gel line?

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