Acrigel and Dual for Nail Reconstruction

What is ACRIGEL for Nails?

Nail Reconstruction Tutorial


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    Acrigel or Acrygel is anInnovative product created by combining Acrylic with Reconstruction Gel, designed primarily to Rebuild Nails, but also to strengthen them.

    It is a professional product that people really like because it can be useful to apply it even on sensitive nails that are affected or do not tolerate curing. It is also used to rebuild very damaged nails.

    It has become very popular in recent years because it is very easy to use and shape, so beauticians and nail technicians have contributed to its popularity.

    It is generally worked with rounded, flat-tipped brushes, which allow it to be worked without going into the cuticle of the nail.

    Acrygel contains no monomers and no mixing is necessary. Its special formulation allows you to work it for as long as you wish. It has a composition
    Dense, yet extremely easy to shape for even easier and faster processing.

    Using the tube allows you to use and dose the product according to your needs quickly and easily.

    As you will see in the tutorial and as you can read in the explanation below the use of the product is very simple and you can buy all the products you need, individually or in kits in our official shop: Estetista Shop, where you can find many products for your needs. In case you have any problems in using Frida brand products write to us or contact our phone support.

    How do you apply Acrygel?

    Acrigel Tutorial

    Acrygel: Procedure

    – Prepare the nail by degreasing it with the Degreaser Cleanser and mattifying it with the Buffer File.

    Apply Primer Acid and let it air dry 30 seconds.

    – Apply Frida Gel Base and cure in 48W LED/UV Lamp: 30 seconds.

    – Take the necessary amount of product from the tube of Poly Acrigel (helping yourself with the spatula) and spread it inside the Dual Form with the brush soaked in the appropriate Ultimate Poly Liquid solution (up to the length of the nail you prefer).
    Polymerizes in 48W LED/UV lamp 60 sec.

    Remove the Dual Form from the nail by making a left-to-right motion (not bottom-to-top). After that, shape the nail by shaping it with the 100/180-grit file, and smooth it with a Buffer file.

    – Apply colored Semipermanent Nail Polish and cure in 48W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec.

    Seal by applying Frida’s final Diamond Gloss polish and cure in 48W LED&UV Lamp 60 sec.

    – Degrease with the appropriate Cleanser to remove the dispersion (oily patina) and make the surface super shiny.

    Summary of the proceedings

    This is a summary of the products to be used to get the best job:

    1. Acid Primer
    2. Gel Base
    3. Acrygel
    4. Modeling liquid
    5. Color (if required, depends on taste)
    6. Polishing

    Nail Forms can be used to make the work of drafting easier or to learn the right technique.

    How long does Professional Acrigel last?

    Generally a reconstruction lasts a month, the problem is that you can see the regrowth of the nail. So at the front of the nail it generally remains perfect, but on the cuticle side you can see growth.

    The problem related to many nail products depend on regrowth, as well as in the hair. For this reason, the duration of a treatment such as reconstruction can often depend on related factors:

    1. at the age
    2. eating habits
    3. health
    4. seasons
    5. hereditary factors

    In practice, the duration is a very subjective factor although we can say that it generally lasts a month.

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    How much does Acrygel cost?

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