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2 Great reasons to choose us

    Nail Gel Production 2 good reasons to choose Frida Cosmetics :

    1. If you are looking for an Italian brand designed for female professionals;
    2. If you are looking for a contract manufacturer to use your brand name

    If you are looking for an established Italian manufacturer but only sells to professionals then you are in the right place!!! However, if you are looking for a vendor to create YOUR Customized Nail Gel Line know that we specialize in the production gel nails in small batches and in consulting on the implementation of not only the “product” but also all the activities that necessarily go along with the decision to create a custom gel nail line.

    In fact, when one decides to rely on one of the Manufacturing Companies that produces, but does not know the world of the Beauty Center or the life of the Professional very well, one faces many problems:

    • Decide exactly what to do,
    • Which colors to choose,
    • what quantity to produce
    • which bottles to choose
    • Where to label and what to write labels,
    • and a whole host of problems related to marketing and sales of the product, not just its use.

    For the Nail Gel Production own-brand, there are many choices to be made: from the line (more organic or more chemical) to accessories, summer-winter quantities, reordering to avoid stock breakage, colors and color charts-it’s not just a matter of labels “to stick” to a bottle. You need not only a product but also a consulting and coaching service. That is why we are different.

    For example,Nail Polish Companies do not help Professionals to create a proper brand: logo, business card, billboards and window decals or a proper website. Manufacturers produce but it is the Beauty Center or Professional Beautician who makes a whole series of very important decisions.

    Frida Cosmetics has two departments:

    1. a department of Nail Polishes Production for Third Parties that deals with the production of nail polishes and gels;
    2. A marketing department that specializes in brand building.

      In this way you can take advantage of a single company that speaks your language and knows your industry speeding up all the steps and making it easier to achieve your goals.

    Semipermanent Nail Polish Manufacturing and making your Brand are actually two different trades:

    • on the one hand you need technical knowledge of the product and direct experience,you need to know the issues including technical issues of work and customer satisfaction. See, for example, one of our tutorials on acrigel;

    • on the other hand, knowledge of psychological mechanisms and marketing and web marketing methodologies to propose your Custom Gel Nail line to your customers.
    produzione smalti per unghie conto terzi production gel nails

    How to create your own custom gel line

    The steps we modeled to create our own line of gels or glazes are as follows:

    • meeting to define your goals,
    • analysis to define possible quantities
    • Color definition consulting (summer and winter)
    • Support for decisions to be made about inventory, quantity, stock, reordering, etc.

    The steps, on the other hand, for marketing activities are based on whether:

    • you already have a Beauty Center/you are already a professional and you already have your own advertising materials and communication
    • you’re opening a Beauty Center/new business and you don’t have any kind of materials so you have to decide everything

    Nail Gel Production Made in Italy

    custom gel nail lineNail gel production even of small batches is of the Made in Italy type and above all of high quality. Compared to those who decided to choose to manufacture in Poland, China or other countries Frida Cosmetics has chosen a production policy based on product quality.

    Deciding to use high-quality products will allow you to increase your customer’s perception. There are currently two different production philosophies:

    • the first based on a low-quality and very cheap product made abroad not in Europe (China), but bottled in Europe and then sold as a European product
    • the second based on a quality product, made in Italy and therefore sold at a higher price i as the production costs are obviously higher but the quality and perception are completely different.

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