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Franchising Beauty Centers
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    Franchised Beauty Centers?
    Yes no…with Frida is Better.

    If you’re looking for information about opening a nail salon franchise, chances are, you’ve thought that joining a franchise might be ideal. In fact, Franchise Beauty Centers can help you solve all the problems of starting a business, zeroing in on paperwork and communicating with your audience in a professional manner.

    We have to consider that, franchising, is still a real contract, with definite rules and regulations put in place by a rather recent law (129 of 2004).

    The legislation we refer to, which governs this atypical type of contract, is Law 129/2004; prior to that time there was no regulation on the subject as it is a rather new type of distribution contract.

    The legislation outlining franchising, is the Business Franchise Act and the General Principles of the Franchise Distribution Agreement, covers the duties and obligations of the franchisor franch isor and the franchisee frachisee.

    When entering into this type of contract, it is a good idea to read obligations and constraints very carefully, as franchising may hide terms and clauses that are not immediately obvious, but later may constrain and limit your personal expressive and artistic freedom, the ability to grow your work, and the effectiveness of communication that could help you increase your customer base.

    In general, a franchise is a contract between two parties, in which:

    • one party called the franchisor grants to the other party called the
    • franchisee or franchisee ‘s willingness to use trademarks and insignia, patents, know-how and whatever else, for a fee.

    This type of contract goes very well in the area of widespread sales of consumer products that would otherwise have difficulty being placed by various retailers, see for example printer cartridges, sushi food chains, hair salon or nail salon chains.

    However, this kind of contract could be a problem for those who make their passion and creativity a real mission! That’s why when we defined the strategy of diffusion in Italy we had some doubts, for having in our marketing staff people who made some of the most famous Franchisors creescere!

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    Franchising Beauty Centers

    Franchised Beauty Centers and Frida.
    er the characteristics of the legislation we have mentioned, the opening of a nail salon franchise might present more constraints and obligations than advantages, in that, it is inherent in the characteristic of the work of the nail technician to bestow on his or her business that part of creativity that makes its essence.

    Another detail to which great attention needs to be paid is the economic aspect, since although at first glance the investment might seem advantageous, it must then be considered that, as turnover increases, the percentages (or fees) to be paid to the franchisee “forever” or for a fairly long period of time, can be challenging and, in the long run, could in fact bring with it a certain amount of discomfort as well.

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    Advantages and Disadvantages Franchised Beauty Centers

    The positive and attractive elements are as follows:

    • Ready-made business group image: no need to do marketing study, pay image consultants or designers,

      mission and vision

      already defined;
    • Constant and assured supply of needed products;
    • Store or application point furniture already designed and ready;
    • Group promotional activities already set up and optimized

    The less positiveelements might be the following:

    • Highly restrictive constraints on the use of trademarks, franchisor’s brand;
    • Payment of an initial fixed fee (which can range from €5,000 up to even €20,000)
    • Monthly fee payment (0.5 percent to 3 percent on turnover depending on the type of contract and services provided by the franchisor) for periods of time that can range from a minimum of 24 months up to even 6 years or more…
    • Extremely limited opportunities for personalized promotional activities that are not representative of your personality, strengths, and your business specifically
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    Nail salon franchise how much does it cost?

    To define the cost related to the various pieces that make up the franchise beauty center business, we can only try to make a broad assessment since these depend totally on the brand you intend to rely on.

    However, we can consider an industry average that essentially breaks down like this:

    • Cost to enter (from about €5,000 to €20,000) which normally includes furniture and some of the equipment
    • Monthly or annual cost (approximately 0.5% to 3% of turnover) to be paid to the franchisor for its trademark concession
    • Cost to purchase the products and services (sometimes there are also obligations for minimum orders that might be around €200 per month)

    To this must then be added the costs for the normal operation of the application point i.e. your beauty salon, local store or nail bar including the cost of rent, utilities, maintenance, personnel in case you need to hire people to help you develop the work, increase performance or Increase the turnover of customers for your nail salon.

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    The Frida Net Solution method

    Does branding or your professionalism matter more?

    1.1 Franchised Beauty Centers
    Now that we have highlighted positive and negative aspects of a possible franchise nail sal on business , it is necessary to make some considerations that relate to the intrinsic matter of the work that is going to be done.

    In fact, it is good not to forget and indeed, always keep in the foreground, the aspect of creativity and customization of the performance that is going to be performed.

    In fact, based on my experience and what all the female professionals who source from
    , we can say with total confidence that every successful nail technician performs a type of manicure and application or decoration that becomes a crest, a symbol, a seal…

    It is as if every hand he takes care of carries his signature, his brand, his advertisement!

    With the ability tomake unmistakable hands, the professional is able to effectively create and increase her own round of clients and “automatically” guarantee herself an excellent standard of living.

    Thanks to a decent monthly income generated from the peculiar art and professionalism therefore can actually ensure, within a short period of time, the necessary resources to devote themselves in peace to the care of the family, leisure time and the things they are most passionate about (…a candlelight dinner, a romantic weekend at the spa, etc…).

    In our opinion, professionalism, artistic flair, inventiveness and creativity are all of the greatest importance in determining your success as a nails worker.

    Therefore, it is essential to consider that the product you use to carry out the reconstruction and decoration, must be absolutely capable of ensuring the success of the work and must be inescapably characterized by the following factors:

    1. the duration of at least 4 weeks for a semipermanent
    2. brilliance
    3. impact resistance without chipping
    4. the ease of removal
    5. the presence of an attentive supplier company in the market with technological innovation and fashion colors always present and in step with the times

    Perhaps, binding oneself to a contract, typical of beauty center franchises, with monthly product purchase obligations, various burdens and fee constraints is not ideal.

    Since your success depends and is solely determined by your personal, relational and professional qualities … therefore the best idea is to join an already known group and contemipoaneously be free to move and decide for yourself because franchising, for you may not be appropriate or advisable.

    The benefits of franchising without additional obligations, costs and burdens

    2.2 Franchised Beauty Centers
    Ultimately, ideally, you should be able to be released from the franchise contract while still being able to rely on the positive aspects of the franchise itself (i.e., all the PROs we listed above) that are, in themselves, able to offer you security and stability while freeing you from thoughts and worries about how to communicate to the market, especially in the initial phase of opening your nail salon.

    Benefits include:

    1. image: when you enter the market with a new application point or store, and put your face on it, it is important to keep in mind, however, that image alone is not enough. The mode of communication to which ordinary people are accustomed is now that of big media, so the difference between a small store, beauty center or application point that is opening versus one in a large chain, perhaps a franchise, is obvious.
    2. experience, mission, vision, ability to attract clientele, marketing, web marketing, the confidence that enables increased sales.
    3. the purchase costs of products because the more raw materials we buy, the less the production costs, plus the fact that beauticians who open a Beauty Center have a privileged price list
    4. fli advertising investments, as affiliated centers enjoy the Frida Net Solution treatment, the Frida network that sets you free and offers you a lot of benefits

    The benefits of franchising are essentially that of being able to count, from the outset, on an “impactful image” that can immediately attract customers, but if you dwell only on this you make the serious mistake of not considering what is the winning aspect of a successful nail technician’s business: his PERSONAL IMPRESSION.

    So finding the right balance between an important and established brand that gives you the security you deserve but on the other hand does not overly constrain you will really allow you to grow quickly and effectively in your personal, professional, and career path.

    By joining the Frida Network, you will have no obligations, vingles, fixed costs, charges of any kind, and no purchase constraints.

    You can decide for yourself whether:

    • testing new production lines
    • Participate in geo-localized advertising initiatives exclusively for you
    • Participate in training courses for sales, marketing, web marketing, professional courses.

    Franchised Beauty Centers? No, I choose Frida! Call us for more information toll-free

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    In conclusion, I believe that franchising for a business such as a nail technician or nail salon is not the optimal solution.

    Considering the inherent characteristic of personality and creativity required for a successful nail salon business, the ideal for you would be to find a supplier company that, as FridaCosmetics® offre on this page, which I strongly encourage you to visit, follow you in your growth by solving all the initial technical issues for you and help you in formulating your initial image WITHOUT, however, bringing excessive constraints or ties.

    Call or write us for more information on the evolution of Franchise Beauty Centers!

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