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    Beauty Center Marketing is fundamental to sales development and is based on the study of customers, habits, and competition.

    The questions it answers are simple: why do people buy? Who do they prefer and for what reason? Who do they trust? Based on the responses, strategies can be devised that can increase sales and margins.

    Marketing Beauty Center: why and how to do it.

    Like any business, company, profession we live in a world where demand is less than supply.

    This means that there are more suppliers than customers, and this imbalance has also brought interest in marketing to Italy.

    The main studies on marketing come from the Anglo-Saxon world, and Americans were the first to study the mechanisms that lead customers to choose one product or supplier over another.

    Beauty Center Marketing is similar to other industries taking into consideration that the goals are simple in their complexity:

    • get more customers
    • To achieve higher margins

    Increasing the number of customers is not always significant. It may be more important to increase the difference Revenues minus Costs and margin more. This is achieved by analyzing various aspects of the activity. Beauty Center Marketing also takes these factors into account.

    Marketing Beauty Center: customers

    marketing centro estetico clienti marketing beauty center

    In Beauty Center Marketing we must first divide our customers into homogeneous groups and understand what they want and what desires move their interests.

    Assuming that a Beauty Center can segment its clientele by gender, it is important to understand the concept of Buyer Persona.

    A Buyer Persona is a sketch of who could or does purchase our services and products.

    I obviously need to know what kind of clientele we have or want to have. I must then take into consideration not only the type but the potential number of that type of customer.

    Whether our Center is in a city, suburb, or town, Marketing Aesthetic Center will take into consideration the various factors.

    If we want to open a center, if we have recently opened, if our business is established then our actions will be different.

    A Buyer Persona from a beauty center that has been in existence for years is easy to obtain.

    A Buyer persona of an opening Beauty Center is virtual: ideal, thought out on paper but not yet real.

    Defining who my ideal client or customer is or who I want her to be is crucial in marketing. Forget that you can sell everything to everyone. We live in the era of focus, we live in a historical moment where specialization is key but so is defining our typical customers. If I want fashion clients, my Beauty Center will have to be fashionable and fashion all my communication.

    Marketing Beauty Center: advertising

    In Beauty Center Marketing, advertising and media are crucial.

    The first question we ask is simple: how many miles are my clients willing to travel to come to me?

    Based on this response then of decides which medium to use to advertise the Beauty Center.

    If your business is developed in a neighborhood of a large city, where customers are unlikely to travel, then the neighborhood will be your target.

    If the neighborhood is your target your media will be for example:

    • customers by word of mouth;
    • companies/offices near your center with which to make a convention;
    • Your storefront / your center for people walking by or passing by;
    • An area signage;
    • An area leafleting;
    • co-marketing with someone who can share customers with you: a clothing store, a restaurant of a certain type, etc.

    If your target is a city, a province, a region or all of Italy then Marketing Beauty Center will be different.

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    What about Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok don’t you recommend them? It depends!

    marketing centro estetico 1 marketing beauty center

    You can choose one of many social media to “showcase” your creations, but it may not necessarily be the preferred medium. Because to bring people to see you on a Social, for example on Instagram, you will need to make a page that is not only beautiful but also interesting. Then you will also have to publicize it.

    This activity is a trade in its own right: it takes time and money.

    Marketing Beauty Center: corporate image

    centro ricostruzione unghie franchising marketing beauty center

    One of the very important marketing factors is contained in the “Communication and Image” chapter.

    These two topics are obviously related to what we very loosely call marketing. With the word marketing we in fact encompass a range of topics or activities that are also very different from each other.

    Our image and the way we tell the story of our company, i.e., the mood with which we communicate, are crucial.

    They depend, of course, on the clientele: if it is young everything will be marked by a fresh, young, dynamic, innovative, fashionable image with the right language.

    The elements of our communication should then be fully coordinated: from the sign to the printed materials, from the brochure to the e-mail we send to customers.

    Communicating, for example, an event we want to hold such as our business’s birthday or simply the arrival of a new supplier or new products will need to be in line with our brand.

    Marketing Beauty Center: the budget

    With regard to budget, a key thing to consider is the goal of wanting to become a brand. A brand takes on a different connotation from any advertising sign.

    A brand is dense with meaning. These meanings cannot be trivial but original and different from the meanings narrated by competitors.

    The marketing budget is broken down into many smaller budgets so that it can form a set of elements that are all coordinated:

    • the logo
    • the store sign
    • the elements within the center (paintings, furniture, etc.)
    • the invoices or receipts I issue
    • the music I play and the environment
    • the service I offer (coffee or coffee with a treat?).
    • A brochure I give to clients
    • a complimentary product
    • advertising to attract new customers
    • the photos I take: before and after the service
    • free wifi
    • etc.

    These are all elements to keep in mind that serve not only to sell but to provide the customer with an extra excuse to return. In fact, the customer lifecycle is one of the core elements of my marketing strategy.

    Marketing Beauty Center: training

    If you are interested in developing a visibility strategy to increase sales or improve margins, because of our experience, we provide Marketing Training Courses structured in this way:

    • Marketing Strategy and Operations
    • From Marketing to Web Marketing
    • Advertising and Sales
    • Site and Positioning
    • Social Media Marketing

    If you are instead interested in courses of a technical nature, go to the page

    Professional Training Courses


    Beauty Center Marketing: Support and Consulting

    Call us for more details or write to us for information. We can arrange a call conference or video call conference where we can get to know each other better.