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How to stretch nail polish with the

Base Builder Semipermanent

    What is Base Builder

    Tutorial for the proper use of semi-permanent base builder

    Semipermanent Base Builder is a special BaseBuilder that goes in conjunction with Semipermanent Nail Polish, so it should not be used with other types of products, such as a regular long-lasting nail polish.


    Its special composition allows you to create elongations like a Reconstruction Gel.
    Self-levelling, easily stapled, ultra-strong and at the same time has an elastic composition. It can also be applied as a polish coat to strengthen the natural nail, great for repairing broken or broken nails.

    Also available in three elegant colors.

    How to apply semi-permanent base builder


    Step by step tutorials
    Base Builder Semipermanent

    1 Mattify the nail with a buffer file and remove powder residue with a brush or small brush.

    2 Degrease the nail with Cleanser code 2020-2021, to remove dispersion.

    3 Apply Non-Acid Primer code 2003, (or the acidic one depending on the type of nail you are treating) and let it air dry for about 30 seconds.

    4 Apply Nail Form, and spread a thin nail polish layer of Build Frida Base coat cod. 2002 over the entire nail, and cure in 48W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec. Creates elongation and cures 30 seconds in 48 W LED/UV lamp.

    5 Next create the Bombing at the stress point of the nail with the Build Base, trying to distribute the product in the nail bed until an even bombing is achieved, then cure in Lamp 60 seconds. Degrease and shape the nail shape with the 100/180 File.

    6 Apply the color Frida Semipermanent Nail Polish you prefer and cure in LED/UV Lamp 48 watts 30 sec./ or in UV Lamp 36 watts 180 sec. Apply a second coat if you prefer a more opaque effect (No need to degrease).

    7 Apply Top Coat (Final Polish) code 2004 and cure in 48-watt LED/UV Lamp 60 sec.

    8 Finally Remove the dispersion (oily coating left by the Top Coat) with the Cleanser, (code 2020-2021).

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