Base Build

A Semipermanent Nail Polish Base

Unique and Innovative

His strengths?

The Base Build Frida has the following features:

REPAIR broken and chipped nails
REINFORCES and hardens the natural nail.

Its composition is Self-leveling, easily stapled, ultra-strong and at the same time elastic. It can also be applied as a polish layer to strengthen the natural nail.

ricostruzione con base build frida Base build
base build frida spiegazione Base build

Available in 4 shades

nuance base build Base build

– Apply Base Build to the free edge of the nail and create the elongation, and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec.

– Create the Bombing with Build Base at the stress point of the nail, distributing the product in the nail bed until an even bombing is achieved, then cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 60 sec.
Degrease and shape the nail shape with the 100/180 File.

– Apply Colored Semipermanent Nail Polish and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec. (Do not degrease).

– Apply Top Coat (final polish) code 2004 and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 60 sec. Remove the dispersion with Degreaser Cleanser.

Step by Step Tutorial

Watch in the video how to do nail alling in the tutorial dedicated to Base Build. Here instead you will find more tutorials.

– Mattify the nail with a buffer file and Degrease with Cleanser.

– Apply Non-Acid Primer (art. 2003) and let it evaporate in the air for about 30 seconds.

– Apply Nail Form (map), and spread a thin nail polish layer of Base Build (code 2002) all over the nail, and cure in LED/UV Lamp 48 W 30 sec./ or UV 36 W 120 sec.

cropped gel nails 2 Base build

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logo Base build

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