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Open a Nail Reconstruction Center Franchise Without Disadvantages

How to Open a Nail Reconstruction Center Franchise

7 quick and easy steps

    Open and succeed in 7 steps

    In this post let’s look at the steps to understand how to Open a Nail Center Franchise or how to open your own successful nailing business.

    The steps to open are basically 5 :

    1 Open a Frida Fran chise without the obligations of a Franchise;

    2 The phase of personal training and preparation through courses, internships and practice;

    3 Choice of working methodology and partner company (product supplier, in this case Frida Cosmetics)

    4 Room selection and organization of the working environment;

    5 Obtaining the necessary permits for opening;

    6 Opening the VAT number and choosing the tax regime(which I have addressed in detail in this article);

    7Create and increase your customer base

    Before we look at each point in detail, regarding the arcomment“Opening a Nail Reconstruction Center Franchise” and see concretely how it is done in practice, I would like to anticipate that you are at the right time (and place) because, as we will see in a moment, the trend in the nail industry is currently growing!

    Indeed, the habit of personal and nail care is becoming increasingly popular among women, both for a healthier appearance and for an aesthetic and decorative factor.

    So there is much attention to this new field of work that is, in fact, emerging.

    centro ricostruzione unghie franchising open a nail salon franchise

    The trend in the nail industry

    These days, opening a nail sal on represents a new frontier for innovative professions, and it is certainly worth some thoughts in order to grasp all the positive and attractive aspects of this exciting job.

    The decision to open your own business in nailing could indeed offer you the professional breakthrough you seek and therefore deserves deep reflection. Certainly, opening a nail sal on is an exciting and creative job that can give you a lot of satisfaction and interesting benefits.

    Nail art is a type of business that has been around in some foreign countries for a long time.

    For the past few years, even in Italy it has been becoming increasingly common to find a store or salon dedicated to nail decoration in your neighborhood or city.

    Already this points out that the trend in the aesthetic and nail industry is on the rise.

    CentroEsteticoTrend open a nail salon franchise

    The National Association of Cosmetic Enterprises (Assindustria) recently released data on the Italian cosmetic market, with an in-depth study dedicated to the nail industry, showing an overall upward trend and steady growth expected in the coming years.

    Based on this, it is correct to reason about opening a nail salon with the expectation of seeing your business grow, at an increasing rate, over the next few years.

    Aprire un Centro ricostruzione unghie Franchising open a nail salon franchise

    How to open a nail salon

    But let’s proceed step by step and go through each step in detail and precisely to“Open a Frida Franchise Nail Center.”

    Of course in case you need more details, to join our group, you can always contact us for any further details.

    1) Open a Franchise without Franchising

    With Frida Cosmetics you can join an established network of Nail Reconstruction Centers without the classic obligations of Franchising:

    – no contractual obligation
    – no limit obligation minimum order
    – no chain
    – but a professional relationship between Win Win type companies in which we both have an advantage.

    The more“Franchise Beauty Centers” enter the network, the more we lower production costs and the more we increase services. This way you have an advantage because you don’t have to create an unbreakable bond and at the same time you access all the benefits of a group. Below is the list.

    2) Training

    The Training Phase is a crucial step that should not be underestimated, as this craft really hides so many technical details that can really make a difference.

    So my advice is to carefully choose the courses with which to train you-they really need to give you the technical skills and confidence to be able to assess and deal with all issues related to the care and health of your many clients’ nails.

    In addition, continuing education is important to stay up-to-date with the fashion trends, colors and nail art in vogue at the time.

    I would like to point out that in Frida (which I liked to christen as “the only nail system that brings you clients”) we hold professional courses taught by experienced and successful nail technicians who are happy to make you part of their secrets and tricks of the trade.

    Not only for those who join Open a Frida Franchise Nail Center there are Marketing and Web Marketing training courses.

    3) Choice of work methodology and partner company (product supplier)

    Once you have mastered this and have made a number of applications, you can begin to evaluate a glaze and gel supply company that can support your work.

    The presence of a partner company is important because very often there are situations when you might need immediate technical support, either to get details about products or to solve any specific issues on particular nails of some clients.

    In some cases, in order to achieve a perfect nail design, it may really be necessary to evaluate alternative procedures together with the manufacturing company.

    At Frida we often get, for example, contacted during working hours by your female colleagues and have the opportunity to resolve issues “on the fly” directly over the phone.

    4) Room selection and organization of the working environment

    The stage of choosing a suitable venue opens up numerous possibilities:

    -You first need to assess your territory,
    – what it offers and what are the best areas and locations for this type of activity,
    – based on the viability and potential influx of customers.

    You might consider a location within a shopping mall or on a main street in your city’s historic center, but a location within a hair salon or within a health club would also be worth considering.

    Each of these hypotheses deserves its own reflection as the business idea ofopening a nail salon is not only about the good application of products or your creativity, but it is also and above all about:

    • Your ability to weave good relationships and rapport with prospective clients
    • The area in which the business is located, which serves as a “pool” in which to find customers and partners

    The choice of venue, as mentioned above, is related to the flows in your city.

    Before deciding where to open, it is good to thoroughly scout the area and try to understand what the influx of people in that area is.

    Whether people are passing by in a vehicle or on foot, whether there are similar or complementary activities in the zono…

    Generally, the presence of a supermarket or set of stores that have a female target audience are very important and functional features for us, since we are targeting precisely that type of audience.

    Also to be considered are nearby gyms and wellness centers because they involve personal care and because they involve the person to complement his or her aesthetic care.

    If you are on your own opening your venue, you will not need an overly large space as you only need to consider the area where you work and the waiting spaces.

    In the work area you will essentially need a good table with UVA lamp and proper lights, a good vacuum cleaner, drawer unit, shelves and shelves for products, coat rack.

    Illustrative and advertising materials can help you demonstrate to your clients the result they can get from your performance. Of course, for those who join the Open a Nail Center Franchise project will receive training, counseling and coaching.

    5) Obtaining the necessary permits to open

    Paperwork is a part that should not be overlooked, considering that the law on nail technicians is unclear and for nail technicians residing in some regions of Italy, a qualification as an esthetician is not required, while in others a qualification from a regional school is specifically needed.

    For this matter you can view the article we mentioned earlier at

    6) Opening the VAT number

    The opening, in itself, is really fast because it is opened by the accountant electronically. Obviously, the accountant will charge you a fee; however, there is also option B: in fact, to save money you can stand in line at your city’s revenue office.

    Regardless of how you proceed, it will be necessary for you to have already identified together with your consultant the ATECO code related to your activity, which will differ depending on whether you decide to practice“pedicure and manicure services” or“beauty salon services.”

    Regarding opening a VAT number and choosing a tax regime, however, I refer you to the
    last article.

    7) Create and increase your customer base

    Now you are ready to open your new nail salon! How to increase revenue with more applications and more customers?

    We must at this point begin to make room formarketing activity, which perhaps might be naturally congenial to you….

    But if not, you could attend one of our marketing trainings or simply start posting pictures of your work on facebook or current social media.

    Of course to better explore concepts such as sales, marketing and web marketing you should enroll in some basic courses for better outreach and promotion of your new business, even better if you create a real word-of-mouth system! You can learn more by reading: the

    Marketing of the Beauty Center.

    Generally, the cost-benefit ratio of a promotional activity carried out on social platforms is still much more profitable and engaging than traditional off-line activities based on classic and obsolete flyers.

    In fact, to start your own nail salon you might also consider using agencies that are fully involved in promoting your business, and that will make you feel safe and worry-free, since the work is done by professionals but sometimes the costs may not be adequate for your budget, so you might consider going it alone with promotional activities. Here are some ideas:

    • Print cards with a percentage off your fare coupon that will have a certain validity, an expiration date of course. This will incentivize new customers to approach a newly opened venue.
    • Make arrangements with nearby establishments, such as to clients of the gym or health club, where you give benefits or a discount to clients of other activities
    • Implement the“bring a friend” mode and give a discount to the person who led the acquaintance to you
    • Create booklets with which after a certain number of applications you are entitled to a discount or complimentary treatment. This way you could receive payments in advance and also have a financial advantage.
    • Implement all possible online social media activities within your means, considering that self-performed work reflects much more your personality and personal business idea

    If you are interested in Opening a Frida Franchise Nail Center we will be there for you with lots of training and advice.


    In conclusion, opening a nail salon can be really challenging and fun.

    In any case, the most important part is your education, because it will give you the confidence and ability to know how to deal with all the challenges that this job will put in front of you and to be in line with the fashion and trends of the moment, for the benefit of your loyal customers!

    The location of your center is first and foremost about making a good choice based on the road system, the movement of people in that area, and the proximity of other venues with activities that attract a similar audience.

    The organization of interior spaces basically concerns two areas:

    1. the area with the work table
    2. the waiting area

    You don’t need large spaces but you need to properly calculate the space for the posts, if there are more than one, check if there are minimum space measurements in your municipality and check the regulations as we elaborated in depth in the above article “Opening a nail salon at home: VAT number, laws and requirements”

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