black smalto semipermanente Professional Semipermanent Nail Polish Beautician

Professional Semipermanent Nail Polish Beautician

Aesthetician Professional Semipermanent Nail Polish Summary

170 Nuance Frida and Frida Free

    New and Revolutionary Frida

    FRIDA is the new frontier of semipermanent nail polish Professional esthetician.
    Everything you’ve been waiting for!

    A product with extraordinary durability, up to 3 weeks without ever chipping, 100% Made in Italy and Non-Acid (free of toxic substances). Easy to apply and super opaque, less time with the same method as classic semipermanent.

    Not only for naturally perfect nails but also for problem nails, spoon nail beds ( the most common blemish found by nail technicians and so far the most difficult to correct).

    Nails with adhesion problems, uneven surfaces, hyperkeratosis.

    It will be possible to work more easily, cleanly and in less time with incredibly shinier sealants. Super durable, protects brittle nails and will allow you a length hitherto unattainable with traditional semi-permanent nails.

    The satisfaction, simplicity and excellent result will make it indispensable.

    The Frida collection includes 120 shades ranging from dark tones to lighter pastels, glitter and even fluorescent shades. Super bright and opaque, shades designed for every type of woman from the most romantic to the boldest.

    The Frida Free collection, made with soy protein, includes 50 shades.

    So what are you waiting for? Enter the Frida world, too! FRIDA is the new frontier of semipermanent nail polish Professional esthetician.

    Semi-permanent nail polish Professional beautician

    FRIDA is the new frontier of Semipermanent. A Made in Italy product with extraordinary shine, excellent pigmentation, and exceptional durability-three weeks without ever chipping. Easy to spread thanks to its fluid and soft composition, ideal even for problem nails and uneven surfaces, an innovative product in line with beauty and care

    Of the person. Frida Semipermanent Nail Polish is free of the most toxic substances such as Toulene, Formaldehyde and dbp.

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    How to apply Semipermanent

    Simple and clear instructions for applying nail polish.

    1 Mattify the nail with a buffer file and remove any powder residue with a brush.

    2 Clean and degrease the nail with Cleanser (code 2020-2021).

    3 Apply Non-Acid Primer (code 2003) and air evaporate for about 30 seconds.

    4 Apply one coat of Base Protection (code 2001) or Base Build (code 2002), and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec.


    Base Protection is a base designed to protect the natural nail and facilitate removal.

    Base Build is an innovative, denser, self-leveling base. Its special composition can create elongations like a reconstruction gel.

    5 Apply Colored Semipermanent Nail Polish and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 30 sec.

    6 Apply Top Coat (final polish) code 2004 and cure in 48 W LED/UV Lamp 60 sec.

    7 Finally remove the dispersion left by the Top Coat with the Cleanser to leave the nails shiny.

    Semipermanent Tutorial

    To purchase an Estetista Professional semipermanent nail polish a marcha Frida come to the Estetista Shop site under:

    Semipermanent Nail Polishes


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    How to remove Semipermanent

    1 Filing off the polish layer that seals the color will help the Remover work more effectively.

    2 Wrap the nails with Remover Wraps (tin foil sheets with cotton buds) soaked in Semipermanent Nail Polish Remover and leave on about 10 to 15 minutes.

    3 Uncover one finger at a time and remove the remaining layer of semipermanent with the Removal Tool.

    Frida ideal for Beauticians

    The Professional Semipermanent Nail Polish Esthetician a marcha Frida is revolutionary. Designed especially for you who make the love of hands and nails your profession. For you who Nail Art is a passion and who cares about every detail: from the care of your workbench to your client.

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