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Professional manicure table

Professional Manicure Table: key features


In this article we will understand together why it is so important to buy a Professional Manicure Table, what features it should offer, facilitating your work as a nail technician. Your station is your calling card, telling who you are to your customers, choose the best table for an outstanding result.

Choosing the right manicure table is simple, just remember the basic points that make it professional:

  • The presence of drawers,
  • The suitable table material for deep hygiene of the station,
  • table sizes that allow you to work quickly but most importantly in comfort.
The Manicure Table is the altar you work on most of the time; don’t overlook this detail.

Professional manicure table with two chairs, storage drawers


Why a manicure table versus a regular one?

Why choose a professional manicure table instead of a regular manicure table? This is the question that many times I am asked by some clients who are in the process of opening their lo center. A table is a table isn’t it? ? Eh no, although it might seem that one is worth the other it is not; in fact, I can tell you with certainty that the table you choose makes a big difference in the quality of the result you get, not only in the short run but also in the long run.

As a first thing when the work is more facilitated you will not have problems with accuracy, and if you are comfortable the customer will be too; not to mention that a satisfied customer will definitely come back to you and even talk about it with her circle of friends, thus starting a very important word of mouth for your business.?

Being good and courteous is not enough, imagine choosing instead of a manicure table, any table for your station, maybe one you have at home that you haven’t used in a long time; what better way to recycle you’ll think… And it will even seem like a great idea until you start actually using it with your clients; it’s only then that you’ll realize it’s too high, too low or too wide.
Result? ?Both you and your client will be forced to adopt unnatural and uncomfortable positions such as holding your arms outstretched on the table; and all just to be able to touch each other. Imagine the discomfort and embarrassment, as well as the effect on the end result?

By the way, it is good to take into account the fact that in your nail station table there are also the products you use for various treatments; these should be conveniently accessible and at the same time stored in special drawers and compartments, to give the pleasant feeling of order in which everything is calculated to perfection.

Table with aspirator or without aspirator

? Choose your manicure table, the perfect one for you. Now that we’ve seen that we can’t use the first table that comes our way, we’re ready to talk about how to choose the professional beautician’s table that’s right for you.

First of all-as you may know-there are two broad categories of tables:

  1. manicure tables with professional vacuum built-in
  2. manicure tables without vacuum

Within this distinction there are then those that are more or less technical and structured-perhaps with compartments and nightstand already built in-and those that are foldable. The latter are very practical for practitioners who frequently move from one beauty center to another.

800.312 LOGIKA Manicure table 800.329 tekno Manicure table

You will have to choose the type of table that will best adhere to its needs, which is why we sell all the tables I have previously described.
Can I give you a piece of advice? I prefer the table without the vacuum cleaner more than the one that has it built in. The reason is simple: if your vacuum cleaner were to have a problem, if you found one you like better or that has more suction watts, changing it would mean leaving your manicure table with a hole in it! ?? And I am sure that the hole is not an integral part of the beautiful image you wish to give of you and your nail station table ?

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Table “Professional DIY”

DIY beautician table? NO PLEASE!!! ??

giphy tavolo Manicure table

Remember the old advertisement that said Do-it-yourself tourists! No Alpitour? Ouch Ouch Ouch!!! The sketch was nice and the message very clear: one cannot improvise as a professional, and although the art of making do is widespread, the result mirrors the quality we offer our clients.

It is clear that I do not in any way want to demonize those who start with a coffee table recovered from friends and relatives, but I would like to remind you that your business is about image, and if you want to be considered a professional in the industry, you have to be the first to give a good image of yourself.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, the choice of your work table will greatly influence both the quality of the final result and the pleasantness of your client’s experience.

If you want to find out how to make a perfect nail station – table, stool, lamp, cutter – to make it a real magnet for clients read this ▶️ Article


Nail Manicure Lamp
for work table

The right lampfor the right job: highlight your talents…
The lighting should be appropriate for the type of work you are going to do based on the different needs you may have from time to time. The only guideline that applies across the board to whatever type of lamp you decide to buy is one that makes your choice fall on a cool-light LED that protects you from unnecessary visual strain while working.

I recommend choosing between two timeless classics:

  • The clamp lamp that attaches to the edge of the table
  • theabat-jour.

In both cases you will have the ability to best position them depending on the work you are doing, the client you are dealing with, and any special needs they express; not to mention the fact that you can move them to another workstation should you need to.

Being flexible in your use of the tools of the trade allows you to offer a truly tailored service; it’s the little touches that the client doesn’t expect, the ones that make a difference on the perception of her experience.

One last thing to point out, in case you do a lot of nail art work, is that you will find it useful-not to say indispensable-a lamp that has a magnifying glass built into it; not only to tire your eyes less, but also and especially to be more accurate in your execution.

Visit our site, and discover ?Here the lamp for your table.

Manicure Stool

The session is important: think about you, too
Even if your care for your client suggests that the most important chair to pay attention to is hers-which is more than appreciable-the reality is that you for one must be able to feel comfortable and at ease during each treatment; on pain of the quality of the service you offer and, perhaps more seriously, the quality of your physical well-being.
Think about how you want to feel at the end of the day: all hunched over or satisfied with your work and in perfect shape?

Finding the right balance between comfort and practicality is not always easy, but this is where the quality of the furniture you choose comes into play as you go about creating an effective, as well as aesthetically appealing, workstation.

The client needs to feel comfortable and pampered, but not at the expense of your back or the end result; so eliminate the idea of wide armchairs for her to sink into–forcing you to chase her hands–as well as that of kitchen chairs salvaged during the last move! ?

Your chair must be absolutely ergonomic because the esthetician’s work table is the one at which you spend most of your time sitting and bowing; in fact, the chair must help you maintain a correct back position throughout the treatment. Once again, flexibility and freedom of movement are key, so choose a chair that has casters and a toggle that allows you to go up and down by adjusting the height according to your needs.

If you are nimble in managing your station, the end result-in the eyes of the client-will be a kind of dance during which the magic happens that turns nails into little masterpieces. To explore this issue further you can also read article link (I did not understand which one it refers to)

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?Where to buy the table and how much it costs

Choose the perfect table for you and find out how much it costs.
After you’ve figured out which one is right for you, you’re ready to take action and buy one of your most important professional tools: the manicure table.
Now you may be wondering: where? And most importantly: how much does it cost? Good questions my dear?.

I want to be honest: although the temptation to buy a beautician’s table on Amazon or at Ikea can be strong – after all, the tables are nice with affordable prices-, I would like to remind you that the quality of your work, your health and your image starts right here.
Don’t be dazzled by an attractive design at a low price, choose the best tool for your needs.

Research and the market are constantly changing, but in general you can consider an average investment ranging from 300 euros to 600-700 euros (leaving folding tables aside for a moment). If you would like to get an idea of which tables may suit your needs, visit our Shop and start choosing your ▶️tavolo manicure .

Summary: manicure table, manicure lamp and beautician stool

Beauty calls for beauty. To conclude this article in which we have dealt mainly with technical and practical aspects of the work, I want to tell you something that I think is very important: the client’s first impression is crucial. Even a manicure table, professional lamp or beautician’s stool says what you are: a professional.

In the span of my many years of experience, I have had the opportunity to see things that you humans–no come on, I’m kidding??!

However, I must say that on more than one occasion I happened to visit beauty centers where the aesthetics were not taken care of at all; salvaged furniture that had nothing to do with each other, let alone with the more technical aspects of the profession, and products piled up in a way that was more reminiscent of a warehouse than a workstation.
Here, let’s say that as good as they were, those operators did not enhance a talent that ended up getting lost in the chaos around them.

❤️ Clients need to drink from a source of beauty; they come to you for that very reason, to soak up some of the harmony you are capable of creating with your art. The time they spend choosing you is a pampering, a time when they take care of themselves by disconnecting from the busy life of every giorno❤️.

Welcome them into an environment that reflects you, makes them feel comfortable right away, and why not, even makes them dream a little.

I hope this article has answered some of your curiosities.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me also by WhatApp phone number ☎️ +39 392 9214343

I thank you for your attention and look forward to your next article.

Happy Nail from Roberta of FridaCosmetics!