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How Acrygel increases the number of your clients and why

Summary: Acrygel with tutorial

The Acrigel Revolution

    What is Acrygel

    In this post we will answer the classic questions of those who have never tried Acrygel:

    • Why use Acrigel,
    • How to apply,
    • What you need to know about it,
    • Is really that innovative,
    • Acrigel is acrylic, how to work it, etc..

    Don’t worry, below I will try to address one point at a time in the most orderly and simple way, obviously trying not to be too long-winded. I can anticipate, however, that.

    Acrygel is a new nail system. The Acrigel is an innovative product that combines the advantages of acrylic with those of gel.

    It contains no monomers, thus avoiding those strong odors that our dear old friend acrylic used to give off. Its formula is complete; there is no need to create the right mixture between acrylic powder and monomer because it is ready-to-use.

    Its elastic formulation allows you to work it quickly for as long as you want, allowing you to work as many as 5 nails at once without having the fear that the product will run.

    Dense, but at the same time, flexible and easily moldable will make your work even faster simple and professional.

    This is one of the advantages that will allow you to have your work schedule more and more full of appointments and new clients!!!?

    Acrygel 300x290 1 acrygel

    What Acrygel is used for

    Clients now have little time, but having our hands groomed at all times is a need for all of us; from career-minded people to moms who never stop for a minute.

    Relying on Acrigel means taking care of your client’s nails from A to Z, improving the initial state of your clients’ hands while gradually bringing them to excellence.

    Thanks to the various colors I’ll offer later, your next job with this innovative product will turn into a fun and easy experience, wolfman’s word!

    This innovative product is designed primarily for nail reconstruction, but also for strengthening nails.

    Created especially to help the hands of your clients who have onychophagic (gnawed) or otherwise too short nails.

    It is the real revolution for nail design! A “hybrid” that combines the advantages of gel with those of acrylic; to achieve truly professional work by making your clients’ nails stronger, more flexible and long-lasting.

    Acrigel is a uv/led composite of perfect consistency, suitable for any reconstruction, even the most extreme fromes.

    This innovative product belongs to the family of triphasic builders, so it needs preparers, the base and the final polish.

    This product is compatible with any uv/led gel color or semipermanent nail polish; a winning formulation for your work.

    The advantages

    The benefits of this revolutionary product are truly many, now I will endeavor to list them all for you.

    • Helps onycho-facial nails: Acrygel helps your clients, who may have nails that are too short or all gnawed off, by making it easier to lengthen them. Restores your clients to stronger nails with a flawless manicure.
    • Very fast application time: applying Acrygel cuts the time in half compared to classic gel, because by using dual forms you already give the complete base structure. Certainly this point makes it much easier for female professionals like you, who have more than expert manual skills by now.
    • Easy to apply: with its convenient and handy tube packaging, it makes it easy for you to dose the product; thus avoiding contamination from external agents. Its complete formula does not need to create the right mixture, it is ready to use! It does not make filaments during processing, holds the staple perfectly, and is easy to file.
    • Non-scalding: without any burn once it is cured in lamp.
    • Durable and long-lasting: an excellent quality product with above-average durability … lasts 1 month! Impact-resistant, heavy-duty, making it easier for your clients who perhaps work a lot with their hands (e.g., hairdresser).
    • Doesn‘t ruin nails: once applied, to redo the client’s manicure, simply refill by filing the regrowth area and then apply the product with the brush. This work will allow you to stress your client’s nail as little as possible.

    In its form and type of processing, it has no disadvantages, except for the need for a flat brush, which is needed to work the acrygel best all over the nail bed without touching the cuticles.

    A real revolution in both comfort and workmanship.

    Acrygel Reconstruction

    The application of this fantastic product, in order to rebuild the nail, can be done in two different ways:

    1. map application (keep in mind that this is the least used method)
    2. dual form application (the most widely used method, of which I also put a tutorial below)

    1. Application with Map:

    Acrygel application with map step by step

    ✅ prepares the nail by mattifying it with a buffer file and then degreasing
    ✅ Apply acid primer, allowing it to air dry 30 seconds
    ✅ apply gel base and cure in led/uv lamp for 30 seconds
    ✅ apply the nail form (map) to the nail, take the necessary amount of product with the spatula from the tube of Poly Acrygel and place it in the center of the nail. Soak the brush in the appropriate Poly liquid solution, so you can shape it to the desired length; then cure in 48w led/uv lamp for 60 seconds
    ✅ Shapes the nail by shaping it with the file and then smooths the surface with the buffer file
    ✅ apply Frida semipermanent nail polish in the color you prefer and cure in 48w led/uv lamp 30 seconds
    ✅ seal with final polish, art. 2008 diamond gloss, cure in lamp for 60 seconds and finally degrease with cleanser.

    2. Dual form application:

    acrygel dual from step by step application

    ▶️prepares the nail by matting it with a buffer file and then degrease
    ▶️apply acid primer, (letting it air dry 30 seconds), then gel base and cure in 48w led/uv lamp for 30 seconds
    ▶️degrease the gel base, then take the Poly Acrygel from the tube with the spatula and place it inside the dual form. Soak the brush in the appropriate Poly liquid solution, and begin to spread the product until the desired length is achieved
    ▶️apply the dual form to the nail making it adhere well, then polymerize it in 48w led/uv lamp for 60 seconds
    ▶️remove the dual form by making a left-to-right motion, after which shape the nail by filing and smooth the surface with a buffer file
    ▶️apply Frida semipermanent nail polish in the color you prefer and cure in 48w led/uv lamp 30 seconds
    ▶️seal with final polish, art. 2008 diamond gloss, cure in lamp for 60 seconds and finally degrease with cleanser.

    To make it more fun, here's the Acrygel dual form application tutorial for you

    It will all be very simple, in fact you only need to follow the tutorial dedicated to nail design with Acrygel. This product is chosen by professionals like you, who love the consistency of gel and acrylic system.

    Frida Poly-Acrygel Line

    (I’ll get some publicity)

    Well, while we’re at it … since we’re on Frida’s site … Go: I’m going to do some advertising if that’s okay with you. May I? I’ll take that as a yes

    I thought that in Frida it would be important to be able to offer my beauticians some variety in their choice of Acrygel color, ❤️ so as to meet your every single request.

    5 delicate shades: transparent, opaque pink, bright white, camouflage, transparent pink.

    transparent acrygel acrigel makeup acrygel acrigel rosato 1 acrygel acrigel white acrygelcrigel pink acrygel


    • 5 shades
    • 45 g tube
    • Led and Uv technology
    • Extraordinary resilience
    • Elastic formulation
    • Easily moldable
    • No mixing

    Cure times:

    • Led 48 watts: 60 seconds
    • Uv 36 watts: 180 seconds
    • Hybrid led+uv 48 watts: 60 seconds

    And now … back to us!

    What products and tools do you need to perform manicures with Acrygel

    List of products and tools for using Acrygel.

    Acid primer: acid adhesion promoter for Acrygel.

    Gel base: transparent base that protects the natural nail, preventing it from staining.

    Acrygel tube: Frida’s Poly-Acrygel includes 5 different colors!

    Dual-tipped tool: one side spatula, other side Acrygel working brush.

    Ultimate Poly-liquid: a special solution that enables acrygel processing, does not activate curing and eliminates friction between the brush and the product, allowing for better processing.

    Dual form or maps: used to do reconstruction and lengthening.

    Diamond gloss: protective final polish with an effect ✨ultra bright✨.

    Which Acrygel kit is best to start with

    The market is now saturated with acrygel kit offerings, but which one to get so you don’t go wrong? If it’s your first time and you want to try working with this product, needless to say…I’m biased (but that’s not just me saying it): I can only recommend the Frida Poly-Acrygel kit that you can buy from ▶️HERE.


    The kit contains:

    • 1 Spatula Tool and Processing Brush
    • 1 Poly Liquid 150 ml – liquid for processing Poly Acrygel
    • 1 Primer Acid 14 ml – adhesion promoter
    • 1 Base Gel 14 ml – Protective Base
    • 1 Top Coat 14 ml – polish final sealant
    • 1 Pack of Dual Form
    • 1 45g tube of Poly Acrygel (the color of your choice)

    Acrygel: conclusions

    Well, I really tried hard! I hope I was able to answer your questions and clear up any doubts you may have about the magical world of Acrygel. Acrygel is the perfect product to address your clients’ needs.

    In fact, working with this product means cutting your drafting time in half while maintaining quality and professionalism; being able to promise your clients hands that are always tidy is, not only a great satisfaction for both of you, but will be what will guarantee you, in the medium to long term to increase the number of your clients thanks to the word of mouth that will be triggered!

    With this I bid you farewell, my dear ?!
    For any information or if you would like to purchase by phone, please feel free to contact us at ? +39 392 92 14 343.

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    Happy Nail from Roberta of FridaCosmetics!